The line is exceptionally neat and tidy for the Rays down the stretch after today’s series win in Boston. With 40 games to go, the Rays are eight games back of the Red Sox for the Wild Card spot.

Sure, the grand-scheme chances look ugly, but the reality is the Rays have 20 games until they play the Sox again in September at the Trop. So to score at least one more meaningful, edge-of-your seat game, the Rays have to make up four games in the standings over the next 20.

Is that so crazy?

Maybe it is with half those 20 against Detroit and Texas, but the Sox have half of their next 2o against Texas and the Yankees.

At this point, a pile of you are saying, ‘Joe, the Rays are toast. Stop wasting our freakin’ time.’ But Joe wouldn’t mind betting a few nickels the Rays are within four when the Sox head back to Tampa on Sept. 9.

Just the thought of cold beer and a playoff atmosphere still to come is enough for Joe to hold on to hope.

The Rays have dished out so much fun and quality pitching this month. There’s the 10-5 record, a winning record against the demons of the AL East, Dezmon Jennings, plus Kelly Shoppach launching another bat into the crowd and nailing a Yankee fan. Is there anything more fun that Sloppy lettin’ it fly?

Yeah, the Rays are probably going to keep playing the same kind of maddening ball and finish with 89 wins and nowhere close to the postseason. But Joe’s willing to bet there are big games left to play.





  1. maggie says:

    I wonder how many bats Shop has sent to the stands this year. Are there bat chucking records? Would he win?

  2. Eli says:

    But Joe wouldn’t mind betting a few nickels the Rays are within four when the Sox head back to TAMPA on Sept. 9.

    Probably inadvertent, but come on.

    • Sarah says:

      No doubt he meant "head back to the Tampa International Airport before boarding a bus to take them to St. Petersburg."

  3. maggie says:

    I certainly hope so! The Rays don't play in TAMPA!

  4. Joe says:

    Not just the magical run it would be that would be incredible but when Wade Davis is your #5, no one wants to face this team in the playoffs. I mean 3 games, 9 hits for the Red Sox.

  5. The Rays, like the Bucs, are pretenders and will never be contenders, until they get an owner willing to spend the necessary payroll to compete and fill the stadium. Desmond spent half the season in the minors so the owners could save a few bucks. The Rays were thrilled that Manny was juicing because now they don't have to pay him. Maybe next year they'll sign Kimbo Slice as a DH.

    The Bucs steal $50 million from the players salary pool and then whine about being forced to black out games. Give us a break. We're doomed to mediocrity.

  6. Anti-Miguel says:

    You are an idiot.
    Manny signed a one million dollar contract.
    Desmond has hardly ever been healthy and Guyer had better numbers in AAA, he had slipped down everyone's prospect lists. It was an educated and calculated decision that paid off exactly how they planned.

    The Rays have been to the World Series and have won the Division twice in the last three years, that makes them a perennial contender.
    You are the pretender. Go away.


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