For a moment, it seemed as if the advent of modern technology doomed the Rays.

Johnny Damon hit what looked to be a seventh-inning grand slam to give the Rays a lead after a not-so Complete Game Shields like outing.

But no! Instant replay, which many fans heavily lobbied Bud Bad Hair to include to help out umps, came back to bite. Game tied instead.

Damon’s blast was not a home run, after the umps studied instant replay. Then, with a chance to redeem himself in the in the eighth, Matt Joyce was nailed at the plate with the potential go-ahead run to end the inning as Damon held the bat in his hands.

It didn’t take long for Damon to end the game.

On the first pitch of the bottom of the ninth, Damon nailed a line drive to right and this time, umps would need no instant replay, unless to study how many rows deep the ball landed in the right field seats.

Joe is of the mind that Kyle Farnsworth was the Rays best free agent signing in the offseason.

Today, Damon made his pitch that he was the best signing by the Rays.



  1. Lorenzo says:

    Anyone else notice that James Shields was not in the mosh pit at home plate? I really hope it was just because he was having his arm looked at after the welt grew on it...or maybe I shouldn't hope for that...

  2. Selly says:

    I just want to thank JoeMa for the very entertaining postgame news conference...

    As for the replay, which my wife and two friends will not shut up about, I am of the mindset that the calls need to be right every time. Whether or not that comes from replay or exemplary umpiring makes no difference. I never want an opponent to be able to come back and say they were cheated out of a win. Am I a fan of expanded replay? Largely no. But in the instances where it is present and accepted I would rather take a run off the board and come back and whip 'em two innings later than listen to someone whine we didn't deserve the win. Kudos to Captain Caveman for sticking it over the wall for good the second time. And good job keeping BJ from removing the belt in the dogpile that followed...

  3. Jimmy Delach says:

    Actually Johnny Damon's 7th inning grand slam changed to a three-run double to give the Rays a 7-5 lead.


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