We can imagine that the trade deadline can be a very stressful couple of days for a General Manager. So the last thing a GM would need is to be rushed to a hospital to have his appendix removed. And that is exactly what happened to Andrew Friedman on Saturday night, who had to conduct his trade deadline business on Sunday, from a hospital bed. [TBO.com]


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  1. Andy's Appendix says:

    He said I had limited upside and was going to be a Super 2 Appendix in 2014 (when I could burst inside his chest cavity), so it was obvious that I had to be removed, esepcially since his spleen has good metrics and is undervalued. The guys had D-Rays Bay were so pumped. Said it was a genius move and comparing it to George Brett's hemmeroid surgery during the World Series.

    So I'm currently in the Rays trash bin with 125 unsold Braysers, Pat Burrell's "burner" phone and a bunch of wine bottles.

    Sorry about the Upton thing, guys.


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