Marc Topkin takes a look at David Price’s numbers and sees that he is walking more batters now than he was earlier in the year. Topkin wonders aloud if umpires are penalizing Price for his in-dugout behavior (Price has been ejected twice this season from the dugout).

It certainly raises a red flag, but we are more inclined to believe that Price is a one-pitch pitcher that has struggled at times this year and now thinks he needs to paint the corner with every pitch.

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon doesn’t believe umpires have it in for David Price []



  1. Don says:

    "one -pitch pitcher" is more like it..How long do you think 95 mph fast balls are going to continue to strike out ML hitters..those type pitchers are a dime a dozen..and most have 9-10 records

    • jim says:

      don, please stop. david price is a dime a dozen? you're a joke. he's in his 3rd year as a starter.

      K/9 best of his career
      K/BB best of his career (by almost 200%)
      WHIP best of his career as starter
      OBP best of his career as starter
      The only place he has struggled is HR’s. and I’m willing to bet you were ready to run james shields out of town last year for that weren’t you.

      please go back to your man crush on carl crawford and tell us that we should have re-signed him. his BA is .260 (40th) and his OBP is .294 (53rd) all of this in a hitters park. let's talk about a dime a dozen. a $15 million dollar flop.

      once again, mr. baseball, please think before you type.

      • Don says:

        ALL your little figures are very impressive, truth is Price is a very avg. pitcher right now ..and hitters just wait for his 80-90 fast balls every 4-5 ininnings or however long he makes it ...If he can turn this around he needs to develope more than one-pitch..just as I said...
        AND thank you for bring up CC he just had his 2nd 4 for 4 game in a row aga the Yankees thats about 6/7 this year...TOO bad we don't have any hitters like that....oh I forgot we did..just couldn't pay him...
        RED SOX and CC getting ready for World Series..PRICE getting ready for a vacation.

  2. Maybe, the downfall of Mr Price, is his late night, early morning escapades with Mr Longoria. Carl Crawford referred to the Rays as "Party Central. No need to read between the lines.


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