Earlier this week, we heard speculation that the Cubs would have Andrew Friedman high on their wishlist to replace Jim Hendry as the club’s General Manager. And now Gordon Wittenmyer has sources confirming that Friedman is on owner Tim Ricketts’ short-list.

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts is wasting no time gathering information on potential general manager candidates, talking this week to people in and around baseball about current GMs Andrew Friedman of the Tampa Bay Rays and Ned Colletti of the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to sources.

Wittenmyer adds that another “long-odds scenario” has the Cubs pursuing Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

One interesting twist in the Cubs GM search is that the Cubs appear to be eyeing Colletti and Cashman with the hopes of landing both a GM and a manager. In the case of Colletti, he would likely hire Ryne Sandberg, according to Wittenmyer. And with Cashman, Ricketts would like to see Joe Girardi join him.

Does that mean the Cubs also view Friedman as a 2-for-1 deal, with hopes that Joe Maddon would join the Cubs following the 2012 season? Maddon has one year left on a three-year contract.

Losing Friedman this winter would be a big blow. But what should really scare the Rays and the fans is if Friedman takes a small army of loyalists with him. That includes members of the front office that could potentially pick up the slack created by Friedman’s absence and the Rays field manager.

Losing Friedman, along with Maddon and a number of front office members is the Rays doomsday scenario. And even if it is still a long-shot, it is realistic enough to scare the hell out of us.



  1. Thad says:

    I can't imagine that Uncle Stuey would let either (or both) happen on his watch. If he's frustrated with the state of the Rays now, let two of the most important pieces of the organization walk and see what happens. Stuey has a "budget", but I'd bet Bobby Ojeda's pinky finger that he busts the budget to pay both Friedman and Maddon to stay. They've earned it.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      But what if Stu sees the Rays situation and has little hope that it will get better anytime soon. Stu also doesnt seem like a guy that would force two good people to remain on a sinking ship or even just tread water for next 5-6 years.

      • Thad says:

        Ultimately it comes down to dollars and cents and I just don't think Stu would let money get in the way of keeping them around, and hoping that they can get in a better stadium situation within 5 years and turn the attendance issues around. The alternative is much worse from a franchise valuation standpoint.

        So, if money is not a variable (which I don't think it is....I think Stu will pay up to keep both), and there is at least still SOME hope that they can get in a better stadium situation in 5 years, then why would any GM and/or manager want to leave THIS organization and go rebuild from scratch in Houston or Chicago. Rays have an abundance of talent bubbling up from the minors (as we all know). The on field product is only going to improve over the next three years.

  2. Mj says:

    Curious why we are here with Friedman wout a contract and maddon w 1 year left. Why wouldn't stu have wrapped these guys up? Perhaps they weren't interested and the numbers didn't add up...

    • Don says:

      Because Maddon works cheap(tie him up) Friedman didn't want a contract...so he can leave when he wants..Don't tease about Maddon leaving...wanta bet how many games he would win with the Cubs players instead of the ones he has now?

      • MJ says:

        I think Maddon is perfectly suited for a team like the Rays. And I do believe he would have success wherever he goes. If he has the confidence of the owners and management, he will get the confidence of the players, or they will simply get rid of him. Anyone who would hire him understands its about the culture.

        • MJ says:

          simply get rid of *them (meaning the players that don't mix w/ the team philosophy, unless they are MVP caliber of course).

  3. Amy says:

    Why would Maddon go to the Cubs? I don't see any reason he would. They have no farm system especially since the Rays raided that in the offseason. There will still be money on the books for next year for them to do nothing with. Quade still has another year left on his contract since he was signed this past offseason so that's more money they would eat if they did let him go. I don't think the players and fans would get Maddon's coaching although he was voted the title everyone wants to play for for. I believe most of them are too much of the old school thinking I think they would get fed up with it. Chicago doesn't really fit a place I think Maddon would like to live in. I don't see him doing his daily bike rides inside since its always freezing cold there. Some of that goes for Friedman as well. I think he would only leave if they offer him a tree full of money. But he doesn't come off as the type that would leave for a crazy amount of $$$ alone. However, nobody will know and rumors will keep circling because they won't comment on anything. So I assume we will all be speculating way into December.

    • David says:

      I dont think it would have anything to do with money or the city. If Friedman and \ or Maddon leave it would be because its the Cubs, a rich franchise, both in tradition and funds with a looooong baseball history.
      I think a lot of people would at least think about it if given the opportunity.
      I hope and think they will stay. Friedman has a unique relationship with Stu and works without a contract, no other GM in MLB enjoys that which leads me to believe he is well paid not to mention whatever interest they have as a group in wall street. The same goes for Maddon.
      They have done a great job building the franchise, i still have flashbacks of the Naimoli days, and i hope they stay with our team for a long time. Go Rays!!!!!!!!


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