Prior to last night’s game, Joe Maddon sent out the following message via Twitter

One thing about our lack of offense at home: it proves we’re not cheating.

Immediately, a number of people wondered if Maddon was taking a shot at the Blue Jays.

Was he accusing the Blue Jays of some nefarious activities during the first game of the series? Was Maddon taking a jab at Jose Bautista, who hit his 32nd home run in the first game? Maddon has made some questionable comments about Bautista in the past.

Or was Maddon just making an off-handed comment about his own team, and everybody is reading too much into it?

Or was it a different reason all-together? On Tuesday night, Tony LaRussa, in essence, accused the Brewers of cheating. In short, LaRussa accused the Brewers of messing with the lights to give the Brewers hitters an unfair advantage. The timing of Maddon’s comments suggest he may have just been saying nobody could ever accuse the Rays of such shenanigans.

But man, that is the second time this year JoeMa has made a comment while playing the Blue Jays that could easily be (mis?)interpreted as a shot against the Blue Jays.

[Update] We forgot about this, but further complicating matters is that Joe Girardi accused the Blue Jays of cheating just a couple of weeks ago (thanks JB).



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