What a satisfying win today by the Rays. First, the Rays beat one of the best teams in the National League and a slugging team at that. The win was also a series win. As losing manager Tony La Russa is famous for saying, win each series and at the end of the year you’ll be in good shape.

Damn, the Rays bats came out again. At home no less. Is five straight doubles a team record? Joe isn’t sure but it sure sounds impressive. But what is impressive is the Rays offense showed signs of life for the second consecutive game at home, where the Rays were averaging three runs a game. For the Rays to bang out 12 hits at the Fruitdome, well, it puts a smile on Joe’s face. And eight of those were hits were extra-base hits, seven of them doubles.

Joe was also very impressed how Hellboy sucked it up. When Hellboy gives up a home run he often loses. He gave up two. But Hellboy got the job done allowing just four other hits to the Cardinals. When’s the last time Hellboy gave up more homers than recorded strikeouts? That happened today when he had just one strikeout.

Joe only hopes these last two games have finally put to rest the hex of the listless bats at the Fruitdome.



  1. ALLEN says:

    It is exciting to ole Allen to see how Damon's bat has come alive at the Trop. Now if only Longoria could get it going. Having been on the DL for a lengthy time, I'm wondering if Longoria is 100%. He doesn't have it this year and may be pressing.

    We all knew at the beginning of the season that it would have to be starting pitching that would carry this team. We just didn't know the hitting would be so pathetic.

    I'm with you----I hope the bats are finally coming alive.

    Go RAYS!

  2. Michael says:

    Damon has been awesome. I think everyone would acknowledge he has been... far above expectations?

    You know, if either Briggy OR The ShowPack could even hit a little bit, we'd be awesome.

    Such a shame.

    Watching Briggy on defense is a religious experience. Watching Briggy at bat is like being slow roasted in a 7-11 hotdog machine.

    • pete says:

      Damon has been a straight pimp. Personally i'd like to see the Rays give him a 2 year extention and let him get 3,000 hits and retire a Ray. Such a class act.

      • Rich says:

        I could not agree more. I would also like to see him get 3K hits as a Ray.

        When the time comes I would also like to see him retire from active playing and find a place in the Rays organization long-term. Lord knows we could use some extra coaching on the hitting side of the house.

        Like you said, a real class act.

  3. Steve says:

    Let's give Longo a little bit of credit, it has been a "down" year for him but even though he has missed 30 games, his stat line is decent considering. .245, .336 OBP, 10 HR, 37 RBI. The avg will come up and he'll stop making silly errors.

  4. LoLJFH says:

    On an "off the field" matter: is Brian Anderson one of the best? yesterday on 2 occasions he nailed his insight. On HR to Berkman: pitch before he dinged it BA said Hellickson has to learn to pitch outside and live out there or he will continue to struggle and give up long ball. Next pitch he came inside half, belt high, and Lance hit it out. Later in game he said Joyce had to stay in on left handed pitchers, stop opening up as quick and stay closed a little longer. What happened? Struck out on 4 pitches, all inside, opened up WAY to early and looked bad. Brilliant insight. (Does Derek tell the All-Star this as well I wonder??)
    Pete - yes a thousand times: get JD signed for AT LEAST anot
    her year with team or player option for second, he has been great for this team.

    • Don says:

      ALso you can listen to BA giggle at Statts stupid statements/jokes....
      Sign Damon for life Maybe he could get 3000 as Dh for couple years..
      then go into te Hall of Fame as a Ray...Who else do we have??

    • Michael says:

      I like Brian Anderson a lot. He's young, lucid, doesn't take himself too seriously, and generally has a record of saying useful interesting stuff. I think he's on his way up the chain. If ESPN has any sense they'd try to hire this guy.

      Plus, BA doing the concert promos is the best.

  5. Don says:

    Damon hitting 1st everyday, "thank you for the suggestion" Johnny
    Jaso, Joyce playing EVERYDAY,despite what Maddon says/thinks...
    This is a different team without Shopp, Brig..making their outs
    Longo was he really not playing?? Forgot about him.....

  6. Daredevil says:

    I agree, let's keep playing Jaso and Elliot against all righty starters. If the team refuses to release Shoppach, only play him against lefties. He is hitting .100 against righties. What an embarassment. Though Brignac and Shop are better defenders than the others, we need all our best bats in the lineup. Our offense is not good enough to have holes in the lineup. Against lefty starters, play Sean Rod (over .300 against lefties) at SS. Use Brignac only as a late defensive replacement if we have the lead, or send him to Durham to work on his hitting. Shoppach's game calling and chemistry with the pitchers are not strong enough reasons to start him when we oppose a righty starter. When Shoppach was hurt for 2 months last year, and rookie Jaso came up, did our starters falter when Jaso caught? No, they did just fine. They are professionals, they are excellent pitchers, and they adapt. Jaso has caught Shields 3 times this year, and James has pitched very well; no need to keep pairing him with Shop, unless we face a lefty. And pinch-hit Jaso for Shop when a lefty starter is relieved by a righty. Shop has more swings and misses than any hitter (position player) in the big leagues this year (percentage-wise). Longo will be fine, he is not our biggest lineup problem rigght now.


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