Twelve runs on 14 hits and three homers for the good guys today. That’s like a four-game home series all in one afternoon!

One can only hope Evan Longoria’s homer and three hits, plus the defensive sparklers, launch something sustainable.

Before the game on WDAE-AM 620, Joe Maddon was peppered with questions on the Ron and Ian Show about Longoria’s game falling apart in all phases. Maddon, of course, said he wasn’t worried about his third baseman and busted out one of his favorite lines — that he wanted Longo to try less because he was pressing.

Maddon also rambled on about nagging injuries that Longo won’t talk about (in addition to his bad foot)  or use as an excuse. After the way he played today, maybe he doesn’t have any excuse.

Ironically, the call lousy call the Rays didn’t get last night at first base in the ninth to end the game was the same one they got today that sparked their big eighth inning, as Sam Fuld got the first of two infield hits. The squeeze soon returned from the freezer, with Bossman laying down a textbook one before Sean Rodriguez cleared the bases in the eighth.

Wade Davis still can’t find an out pitch, but Joe doesn’t care about the 14 hits against today. The touchdown victory need not be soiled.




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  1. Michael says:

    Seen this too many times this year already.

    Rays offense does not turn around. It just has a scheduled road game burst.

    Have we had a road trip yet where the Rays don't have a double digit game?

    They will come back home and throw up some more snoozers.

    Pumped about this Yankees series though. Their ballpark is retarded and anything that even gets sneezed on ends up in the second deck. We might have fifty home runs.


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