Unless the Rays go on an incredible run the remaining week of July, this season is toast. Whether Complete Game Shields or Bossman are still with the team in eight days remains to be seen. But today was an example of what we’ll be watching with the Rays next season certainly.

Desmond Jennings has been a welcome breath of fresh air for the Rays. Imagine a leadoff hitter who puts the ball in play and hits for power and has blazing speed on the bases. Wow.

Sadly, Joe is convinced given time, Derek Shelton will take care of Jennings once and for all.

Though Jennings didn’t score today, he did get on base twice (again). But the other rookie made an even bigger splash.

Alex Cobb was simply dynamite. He wasn’t overpowering, having just two strikeouts, but a pitcher doesn’t need to be overpowering to be successful and Cobb was just that. He was efficient. He had just 71 pitches through six innings which is solid. Giving up just six hits is also pretty damned solid, even if it is the hapless Royals.

So it looks as though the 2011 season is all but over. But the building for the 2012 season has already begun.



  1. Rob says:

    I find that accepting they are not playing for this year gives me a little relief and I can actually enjoy watching games again. I barely made it through the first 2/3 of the season without throwing my remote through my TV, but now I am calm because I don't expect much from them other than to give the younger guys a chance to develop.

  2. David says:

    The season is not over yet. The yankees have overacheived this year and will come back to us, theres also no way we can hit as poorly as we have recently. With Jennings coming up it gives us a better lineup and our pitching is tremendous enough that we will be in it until the end. If only we had a catcher who could hit .240 and 12 home runs and S rod wasn't so anemic at the plate. Were going to bounce back and were going to give the Yankees a run for the wild card


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