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[3:55pm] Joel Sherman says the Rays had scouts watching the Nationals triple-A club yesterday. No word on who they would have been scouting.

[1:28pm] Jayson Stark updates us on BJ Upton, saying it would be a surprise if Upton doesn’t get trade. He adds that the Nationals have balked at giving the Rays pitchers Brad Peacock or Ross Detwiler.

Also, other clubs are now telling Stark that the Giants might be the front-runner for Upton.

[1:05pm] Joel Sherman is back, and he says the Rays are “very serious about dealing B.J. Upton.” Sherman adds that one American League official told Sherman that the Rays are “asking for a ton.”

[7:30am] Danny Knobler is reporting that the Rays are open to moving Jeff Niemann or Wade Davis. This is interesting because the Rays just locked Davis up to a long-term deal. Have they soured on him that quickly? Or has Alex Cobb’s effectiveness surprised them? We think the latter.

Jayson Stark is reporting that the Rays and Blue Jays have been scouting each other’s minor league systems. A scout speculated that the Blue Jays could enter the picture as the third team in a three-team deal.

Joel Sherman says the Phillies do have some interest in BJ Upton despite what we heard yesterday. However, Sherman adds that the most interest appears to be coming from the Nationals, Braves, Pirates, Reds, and Cardinals.

Later, Sherman added the Royals to the mix for BJ Upton “with eyes on contending next year.”

Jerry Crasnick gives a list of pitchers the Rays would want from the Braves, and says the Braves “not likely to go for that.”



  1. Tone says:

    Does anyone else think BJ stares at the baseball too long as it leaves his bat? I feel like he has a bad habit of watching it and then making a break for first.

    • Don says:

      Your talking about when he actually does hit it, most of the time his head is gone BEFORE the ball gets there, that's what his problem is,
      NO head/eye contact ON the ball, that is why he strikes out a lot, somebody please tell Sheldon/Maddon maybe they could help ..

    • pete says:

      Maybe he is suprised that he hit the ball?

  2. Ken Heller says:

    The Rays Director of Scouting claims Des Jennings was ready a year ago! What the heck? Why didn't he start the season at the Trop? Was it just to delay his arbitration status 4 years from now? If so, it's very clear that the investment bankers that own this club care about money over all else.
    All winter we hear doom and gloom about salaries, so we're supposed to do back flips? I'm afraid that unless the Yanks and Sox completely fall apart one year that we're a terminal third place team.
    Clearly, the Rays have the deepest rotation in the majors and each of the starters must secretly hope that they get moved, a trade would add millions of dollars to their wallets, especially if it's to one of the "money" teams.
    One last thought on Friedman: where are the position players "wonderboy" has gotten all this genius hoopla for either those traded or drafted?

  3. pete says:

    This info is coming in from Mlbtraderumors.com and says 5 or 6 teams are in play and we are asking for a ton.

    Yesterday we learned from Joel Sherman that the Phillies have some interest in Rays center fielder B.J. Upton, but most calls are coming from the Nationals, Braves, Pirates, Reds, and Cardinals, with the Royals also in the mix. Today's latest:

    The Rays are "asking for a ton" for Upton, an AL official tells Joel Sherman of the New York Post. The official says the Rays are "definitely shopping him." Five teams are "in play" for Upton, a source tells Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (Twitter link).

  4. Alex says:

    The asking a ton quote has to do with Colby Rasmus. Not Bj. MLB Trade Rumors messed up and corrected it

    • Cork Gaines says:

      ahhh, thanks Alex. A lot of pronouns in that sentence. I got the antecedents mixed up.

      • Beth says:

        Not your error, Cork. MLB rumors got it wrong, I saw they'd tweeted a correction (indication that I am spending MUCH TOO MUCH TIME monitoring this).


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