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[4:15pm] The deadline comes and go and not only was BJ Upton not traded, but nobody was traded. Not Casey Kotchman. Not Joel Peralta. Not Johnny Damon. Not Kyle Farnsworth. There is still the August trade deadline, but players must now clear waivers in order to be moved.

[2:47pm] The Rays lineup is back up at MLB.com and BJ Upton is still in. Of course, this would have only meant something if he wasn’t in the lineup. Upton can still be pulled. Game does not start until after the deadline.

[2:37pm] Indians deal for Ryan Ludwick may be falling apart. Is BJ Upton their backup plan?

[2:25pm] More speculation from Jon Morosi, but he still thinks BJ Upton will be traded. “The interest in him is too robust.”

[2:17pm] Well, this is interesting. As pointed out by a commenter, MLB.com just removed the Rays lineup from their website. The Mariners lineup is still posted.

[1:45pm] Just speculating, but Jon Morosi feels the Pirates will make a “serious bid” for BJ Upton….By the way, Upton is in today’s lineup. Of course, that can change at any moment, so doesn’t mean much.

[1:00pm] Jon Heyman says the Reds, Pirates and Indians are still “kicking the tires” on BJ Upton. That sounds a lot like they will make a move if Upton isn’t too expensive. And of course, we all know the Rays won’t move Upton unless they get a ton in return.

[9:45am] The Braves are now out of the mix after acquiring Michael Bourne from the Astros.

[8:45am] Buster Olney says the Nationals are still “in mix” for BJ Upton. Meanwhile, David O’Brien reports that the Braves and Astros are working on a deal. But if that falls apart, Upton may be the Braves’ backup plan. Will Upton be traded today? Jon Heyman says Upton appears “likely to stay put” and that he is a better option to get moved this winter. This would make sense as it would bring teams like the Royals into the mix. The Royals are reportedly interested in Upton, but more for the future.

Meanwhile, the Rays have a bunch of other players that could be moved by today’s deadline. Jon Morosi says the Tigers are looking to upgrade their bullpen and “have shown interest” in Joel Peralta.



  1. zenny says:

    The Braves getting Bourne this morning made a BJ deal even less likely.

    In any case, you'd think the Rays have to make some sort of roster move soon, tho. They can't go the rest of the year with 7 outfielders, can they?

  2. Joe says:

    Nothing is going to happen today for the Rays.... It's always this way, either they sell or hold tight.

  3. LoLJFH says:

    did a deal just get done as I see mlb.com and tampabayrays.com just took down their lineups??

  4. LoLJFH says:

    Lineup just posted again - BJ in CF.

  5. Sublime says:

    If they didn't move Reid Brignac for Jason Bay, I don't think BJ will be moved. Off-Season, probably. Right now, doubt it. The Rays don't move pieces or obtain (significant ones for that matter) during the year, they just don't.

  6. CharlieRay says:

    OK Joe, It's 4PM, Do you know where you're kids are (players)

  7. zenny says:

    Whole lotta nothin' goin' on.


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