[Update] Turns out the Rays did promote Jennings. But he is replacing Reid Brignac, who is being demoted, and not Upton. So maybe the Upton move was just a coincidence. Who knows. But the timing of the two lineup moves was weird.

[10:36pm] Strange things are afoot at the Circle K…

Prior to tonight’s game in Durham, the Bulls pulled Desmond Jennings from the lineup for “non-medical reasons.” He was in uniform and in the dugout during the game.

Well that was weird.

But then it got weirder. After the 8th inning tonight in the Rays game, BJ Upton was pulled from the lineup.

The obvious answer would be that Upton was traded and Jennings is being called up.

If Jennings is going to need to be on a plane tomorrow, it might make sense for the Rays to keep him out of the lineup tonight. Otherwise, teams typically don’t sit a position player that is about to be moved.

But on the other hand, why pull Jennings before the game, and more than three hours later pull Upton? And what difference does one inning make for Upton? So, the timing on this is weird, and there isn’t an obvious answer.

The entire situation is weird.



  1. Neal says:

    I'd miss getting to yell "Bossman!!!!" every now and then...but if we're going to be operating with a 45mil salary cap now, we can't put that much money into BJ when Jennings and Guyer are available (and cheap). And we all know BJ will be BJ.

  2. Caity says:

    Can I just say finally on this one? most Rays fans have been wanting Dezzy (what I call him) since the beginning of the year. I cant wait to see what he does. Hopefully Brignac gets his swing together because he's a great defender, but his offense dragged the Rays down. Hope Dezzy is going to be a good replacement for Briggy.

    I'll be sad to see Upton go (if he ends up getting traded), but It might be for the better. If they do trade him though, It pretty much means the season is over for the Rays, while he's streaky, when he's hot, he can help carry an offense. That and there are fans who dont want to see him get traded, which brings down the attendance.

    There's my opinion for the night.

  3. Joe says:

    6 OF'ers not counting Damon, 6 man bullpen, still the 6 man rotation

    Damon coming in the game instead of Ruggiano when Upton was pulled for who knows.

    No actual SS.

    Does not compute.

  4. Sublime says:

    If BJ is traded it will probably silence all the local radio listeners, BJ is the convenient team scapegoat! So when the team start to really Eff-Up, They'll blame ______________________?????? Stay tuned.

    • Joe says:

      Desmond Jennings

      It's the simple replacement seeing as he will take BJ's role.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      to be fair, I've heard very little criticism of Upton this season. Most people have focused their anger at Longoria ("parties too much") and Brignac ("he sucks, [insert name here] should be playing SS") and of course Joe Maddon.

      • Sublime says:


        Please tell you're joking? I Listen to the 3-6pm callers on any show, BigDawg, JP Peterson, TKras. The Rays can be no-hit and someone will blame him, hilarious! Hence I stated, he's the team scapegoat. It's like, If this dude wasn't on our team, we'd be magically 20 games over .500. I hope Des comes in and does a bang up job, but I'm still curious as to who the new scapegoat will be.

  5. CC says:

    Lets be honest. BJ is a good center fielder and an average hitter.I think he can be replaced by Des without effecting the team. Now we better get a "MLB" shortstop who can play everyday or a "MLB" catcher. Elliot Johnson is now our shortstop. WTF. And Charinos is getting all the playing time at catcher. Dudes not even close to a MLB catcher. Never thought Id say this;Shoppach looks like Johnny Bench compared to him. If we trade BJ for prospects I will not waste my time going to another Rays game. This s**t has got change. Cmon Andrew get it together.

  6. Jay says:

    Looks like Upton's time might be up. I'm sure they recalled Jennings to have him ready for when upton is dealt.

  7. Don says:

    How many games do you think Brig cost the Rays the last two months, I can't count the # of times he struck out, or ground out with men in scoring position..he needed to go to the minors months ago.....BUT
    "Manager of the year" decided to keep playing him just to prove to everyone he is the boss....if we lose we lose...you da man Maddon

  8. Tom says:

    Not sure if Jennings being called up means Upton is gone, DJ can take over the black hole that is left field.

  9. Sarah says:

    Can we all agree to greet "Des from Durham" with muted expectations?

    It wasn't long ago that we proclaiming this the era of "Briggy Baseball."

    • Rob says:

      I completely agree. From what I have seen, Des is serviceable and may have an okay career, but he is not the impact player everyone hopes he will be. He is not Ricky Henderson. He isn't Carl Crawford. He may not even be BJ Upton.

      With all of this said, I obviously hope he exceeds my expectations and turns into an all-star, but what can you really expect from a guy who has spent 4 years in the minors and never hits more than .275? All I am saying is we should temper our expectations and not be surprised when he ends the year batting .229 and has 2 homers and 11 RBIs.

  10. ALLEN says:

    I certainly hope those of you who have been rooting for the arrival of DJ get what you're expecting. I don't share your confidence but here's hoping I am completely wrong. Durham is not Tampa.

    After having been away and out of touch for two weeks I watched Friday night's game vs. KC with unbelief. The Rays looked pathetic defensively, pitching was awful and the umpiring was a disaster. In a 5-4 game, an umpire's bad call robbed Fuld of a super defensive play, caused a pitcher to have to get more than 3 outs, and gifted the Royals an 8-4 lead. Thanks to Joyce and Marvin Hudson the Royals' lead was padded and virtually unreachable by a team that can't score runs and gets few hits.

    It was an excellent move to send Brignac down. With Joyce's batting average plunging, how soon will we hear calls for Guyer to replace him in right?

  11. Des from Durham says:

    The sheets are nice in the bigs. 400 thread count in KC.

    Should I live in St. Pete or Tampa? Mr. Baldelli says St. Pete is nice and Mr. Crawford said he could get his shopping done there with nobody bothering him, but Mr. Upton tells me he might have a deal for me on a place in South Tampa.

    Glad to see Mr. Fuld lowered the bar for me defensively. Would have been nice to be on the team when the games mattered. Thanks for your support Rays Index.

    • Rob says:

      Just don't give them a reason to send you back down.

    • Sarah says:

      Talk to Brandon Guyer's wife. She was interviewed after Brandon hit that homerun in Baltimore, and she said she'd already been on the phone to Brandon's agent about looking for a beach condo near St. Pete. She may have some leads on places to live.

  12. Mike says:

    It would suck to lose BJ. He obviously wants to stay considering he just bought a new house in Tampa. Hopefully he knows something we don't and he will get a new contract after the season.


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