According to KIRO TV in Seattle, former Rays utility man Willy Aybar was arrested on Sunday for assaulting his wife, who was discovered bleeding from a bite mark on her face…

The King County Sheriff’s Office said detectives arrested Aybar at about 2 a.m. at the SeaTac Hilton. According to a King County Sheriff’s Office incident report, police responded to a call from hotel staff about a fight and injury in one of the rooms. Police arrived to find an “extremely intoxicated” Aybar at the hotel’s front entrance who told officers he got into a fight with his “baby mama” and “everything was fine.” According to the report, the woman said she and Aybar had been married for three years, but Aybar referred to her as his “baby mama.” Aybar agreed to go up to the room to make sure his wife was OK, police said. Once in the room, police found drops of blood around the bathroom and blood-soaked rags in the trash…The victim was crying and holding a bloody towel to her face and had a cut lip and an abrasion on her forehead and cheek…Aybar’s wife, who did not speak English, told a Spanish-speaking officer that Aybar bit her cheek while they were fighting over holding their son, 13-month-old Willy Jr., the report said. She would not explain how she received the other injuries, police said…When asked if he bit his wife, Aybar told police, “she bit me first,” the report said.

This is at least the second time Aybar has been arrested for domestic assault, and possibly the third. And on at least one other occasion, Aybar left his wife in critical condition.

Aybar went unsigned this past winter and recently signed with the Edmonton Capitals of the independent North American League.



  1. Again?! Dear God, just divorce her already. Don't hit her!

  2. Ro says:

    Ugh, glad he's not with the Rays anymore.

  3. Don says:

    I told you Willie could "hit".... I just didn't know he could bite.......


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