Yesterday, South Carolina won their Super Regional matchup against UConn and earned a return trip to the College World Series to defend their National Title. And in a roundabout way, this could make it less likely that the Rays sign their top draft pick, Taylor Guerrieri.

Last week, the Rays took Guerrieri with their first pick in the draft (#24 overall). When he finally spoke with the media late last week, Guerrieri, who is committed to play college baseball at USC, reaffirmed his committment to playing college baseball.

But this isn’t your typical college committment. Guerrieri is, in his own words, a “huge Gamecocks fan.” And as we learned recently, Guerrieri moved closer to the USC campus his senior year. So there is a good chance he is experiencing this College World Series run first-hand.

Of course, that may mean little if the Rays offer Guerrieri a check for $2 million.

On the other hand, what if Guerrieri doesn’t need the money? Now, we don’t know the Guerrieri family’s situation. But all the reports we have read suggests that the family is not struggling to pay the bills.

If you are an 18-year old kid with a questionable past, what do you do? Do you take the $2 million and ride the buses away from home for the next four or five years? Or do you see how much fun the Gamecocks are having right now and decide to stay home under the watchful eye of your parents?

We hope this kid gets signed and adds to an already deep farm system. But in the end, we just don’t get the impression that Guerrieri is ready to be a professional baseball player.




  1. Rob says:

    Since that #1 was a comp pick, do the Rays get a new one next season?

    • Ray Bucbolt says:

      Perhaps that's exactly why they they drafted him?

      • Cork Gaines says:

        It could be. They could use Guerrieri as leverage against the other players. Tell those guys, "hey, we have to give him $2 million, so either take this $1 million or go to college. Your choice." The downside is, the Rays probably aren't getting a player as good as Guerrieri at #25 next year. Remember, he was considered a top 10 talent.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      That is the way I understand it. I believe that the only picks that aren't protected are the picks that are given out for failing to sign a pick. So if Guerrieri fails to sign, the Rays get pick number 25 next year. But if that pick doesn't sign, they get nothing.

      • phil says:

        Is there a place to track the other Ray's draftees when they sign?..i have seen a few draft picks (for other teams) already sign.

        Also, if they do not sign Guerrieri hopefully the rays will have more money to sign all the other picks (or at least most) the one player i am most anxious about is Mikie Mahtook ...

  2. Ray Bucbolt says:

    Is it possible they used this pick, knowing he wouldn't sign, to re-allocate some money for an upcoming trade? They have alot of signable picks already, and an extra pick next year couldn't hurt.

  3. Amanda says:

    My B/F is a huge Gamecocks fan, especially baseball. He subscribes to all the online access, etc. The word on the streets in Columbia is that he's a gonner for sure. Their reasoning is that he's being avised (not officially) by Scott Boras. However, I see it the opposite way. If he's being advised by Boras, he's going to see the last few long-term contracts the Rays have done with their young stars (Longoria, etc.) and is putting it in his ear that he may not want to opt for that.

    Also, Ray Tanner is a straight-arrow coach. He's kicked star players off his team for infractions.

    This isn't an accidental great team ... they've been excellent for the past decade, and have one of the best post-season appearance records over that time. I think if Matt Price (who I wish the Rays would have picked up) comes back to the team (he was a draft-eligible sophomore), then Guerrieri goes to the Rays. They said during the USC game last night that he would be moved to a starter if he came back. If Price signs with Arizona, then Gurerrieri will go to school. (However, I could see him being the next Steven Garcia with the track record he already has.)

  4. Taylor says:


    Have we heard anything on RJ Harrison's visit the the Guerrieri household in Columbia?


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