Tonight is the first round and supplemental round of the MLB draft. Of those 60 picks, ten of them belong to the Tampa Bay Rays, starting with pick number 24.

If you want an idea of who will be taken by the Rays, you can check in with Keith Law’s latest Mock Draft, or the work being done by Rays Prospects, who have all the angles covered.

For us, it is always difficult to get excited about players that won’t even sniff the big leagues for 4-5 years and may not even play in the minor leagues until next June (Josh Sale and Drew Vettleson, two of the Rays top three picks a year ago, have yet to play in a minor league game).

What is more important to the average fan is how many will make it to the big leagues and when will they arrive. Here is a look at the number of players in each of the last seven drafts that have already played at least one game at the Major League level…

Of course, this is a bit simplistic. College players will make it quicker than high school players. And players drafted in the top 30 are more likely to make it than the players in the next 30.

Still, this is where Rays fans should get excited. With 10 picks in the top 60 this year, we can expect five or six of them will be in the big leagues by 2017.

Just in time for the new stadium! But we digress…

And in theory, we could see 2-3 in a big league uniform by 2014. Of course, this may be a bit optimistic as the Rays are notoriously slow with their player development.

The MLB draft is a crapshoot. But with so many picks, some of these guys are going to stick. Just don’t



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