Rangers 3, Rays 0 (click on image for boxscore)

The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: David Price. For 7 innings, it was the dominating Price that we all love. He retired 23 of the first 26 batters he faced not running into trouble until 2 outs in the 8th. And then, a double-steal off of John Jaso led to 2 runs on a weak single by Elvis Andrus. A loss. But not one that was Price’s fault.

THE BAD: Running Wild…JJ Dyn-O-Mite went 0-4 and is now hitting .220 with a .280 OBP. That’s a little better than Kelly Shoppach. But at least Shoppach offers some defense. Jaso can’t even do that. Besides his overly mechanical mechanics, He can’t throw. His release looks quick enough. But there is no accuracy and no strength. And yesterday the Rangers stole 5 bases, including 2 double-steals in the 2-run 8th inning. He has now allowed 32 steals in 30 starts…Running Dumb. Ladies and gentlemen, can Ben Zobrist please have your attention. He’s just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. He needs all of you to stop what you’re doing and watch. CANNONBALL!!

THE TELLING: Casey Kotchman could return to the lineup on Saturday...Evan Longoria is currently 3rd in the first release of All-Star voting results…Five of the Rays’ next 7 games start at 10:00 pm eastern time.


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  • DURHAM 5, Columbus 4: Chris Bootcheck struck out 6 and walked just 1 in 6.1 innings. He allowed 3 runs on 3 hits…CF Desmond Jennings was 2-4 with a walk. He was also caught stealing for the first time this season after 9-straight successful attempts…RF Brandon Guyer was 2-4 with a double, 2 RBI and his seventh steal. He is hitting .319.
  • Jackson 7, MONTGOMERY 3: Chris Archer dropped to 1-3 with a 5.98 ERA after giving up 7 runs (4 earned) in 5 innings. Two of the 9 hits he gave up were home runs…SS Tim Beckham did not play.
  • Daytona 10, CHARLOTTE 3: Jake Thompson allowed 4 runs in 4 innings, but only 1 was earned. He struck out 2…SS Hak-Ju Lee was 0-3 but drew 2 walks. He also committed his 12th error.
  • BOWLING GREEN 8, Wisconsin 6: Enny Romero allowed 3 runs (1 earned) in 5 innings on 5 hits and 3 walks. He struck out 3…DH Derek Dietrich was 1-3 with 2 walks…LF Cody Rogers had 2 hits including his 9th home run. He also stole his 12th base.

Joe Maddon (via TampaBay.com)

Take Ben Zobrist to school





  1. Don says:

    Say anything you want about Jaso's defense...but the day I see a ball in the dirt go thru his legs, bounce off the backstop and he can't pick it up for an easy out at home
    THEN i will say he is worse than Shoppach..Till then Shoppach gets that award plus he can't hit....so now what you going to do with his $3mil. Contract for 2011

  2. This game and yesterday's, helps to prove that you can't win the American League East without a major league catcher. The temper tantrum that David Price had in the dugout was not triggered by an early hook or bad umpiring. He was pissed at the catcher and the lack of run support. Why should he labor in a small market, only to establish a mediocre record, when he is one of the best pitchers in baseball. He should demand to be traded, the Yankees would gladly pay Carl Crawford money to make him happy.

    If the Cubs were willing to unload 5 minor leaguers for Garza someone will be willing to pay 20 for Price.

    • While I'm at it. Joe from Joe Bucs Fan writing in the third person, sucks. Alcoholism, sexism, homophobia, racism and narcissism won't play anymore. Fire him! Joe is the Burrell rhymes with squirrel of Tampa Bay Sports.

  3. Hal says:

    Dude, you haven't stopped reading that Joe Fan garbage yet? Just ignore it. It is a shame that such a high-quality site such as this (and I mean that in all sincerity Prof) posts that junk.

  4. werD says:

    i dont really think jaso needs to be bashed.

  5. Chris D says:

    By the way, while Des from Durham was indeed "caught stealing" yesterday, it was a terrible call. Watching on TV with the benefit of slow motion replay, he slid around the tag, got his hand on the bag, and was tagged on the back after his hand was in. The ump was shielded from the call by the tag and didn't see his hand. In reality he should be 10 for 10 this season.

    • Chris D says:

      Oh and to add to that. While Bootcheck "gave up 3 runs", he actually left with 1st and 2nd, 1 out in the 7th. Wade then delivered a meatball to the next batter. Blown save for Wade, but he gets the win the inning after.

  6. Ro says:

    I don't read the third person posts either. Just ignore them.


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