Rays 7, Indians 0
Rays 4, Red Sox 0 (click image for boxscore)

The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: James Shields. James Shields entered the season with 2 career shutouts. He now has 3 this season in just 15 starts. The Red Sox came in winners of 9 in a row, averaging more than 9 runs per game during that stretch. And yet Shields held the Sox to 5 hits. He did walk a tight-rope though. Three times in the first 5 innings, he let the leadoff batter reach base…Justin Ruggiano. Maybe it is just a hot streak, but let’s keep riding it. Last night it was a home run, his 3rd, and now he is hitting .372 and appears firmly entrenched as the starting left fielder.

THE BAD: Kevin Youkilis. With 1 out in the 9th, Youkilis tried to beat out an infield single. Only he strayed WAY inside the basepath and spiked the back of Casey Kotchman’s leg (WATCH IT HERE). It was absolutely on purpose. And absolutely dirty. Good thing is, James Shields knew it. And Youk has one coming.

THE TELLING: The offensive juggernaut that is the Red Sox, has now been shutout 6 times this season…Why did all of the Carl Crawford stories revolve around “boo him or cheer him?” Why did it have to be one or the other? Couldn’t we just root for the Rays to beat the Red Sox? We’ll cheer Crawford when he retires. In the meantime, we just want the Rays to win games…


  • Felipe Lopez cleared waivers and will

    once again accept an assignment to triple-A. [Marc Topkin]
  • Rays second-round pick Granden Goetzman did indeed sign yesterday, as expected. [MLB]
  • Carl Crawford on the difference between the Rays and Red Sox: “it was like party central all the time [with the Rays].” [TampaBay.com]
  • In his latest, and maybe last, rehab start, Scott Kazmir retired just 4 of the 13 batters he faced. [LA Times]


  • DURHAM 1, Norfolk 0: Jeff Niemann made his final rehab start, tossing 5.1 shutout innings giving up 3 hits, walking 3 and striking out 4…Brandon Gomes struck out all 3 batters he faced…Jake McGee struck out 2 in his 1 inning of work…CF Desmond Jennings went 0-3 with a walk…RF Brandon Guyer went 0-2, but did steal his 11th base…LF Russ Canzler had 2 of the Bulls’ 3 hits.
  • MONTGOMERY: (no games scheduled)
  • CHARLOTTE 7, Bradenton 5: Merrill Kelly gave up 3 runs in 5.2 innings, striking out 2 and walking 2…SS Hak-Ju Lee was 0-3 with a walk and his 18th stolen base…2B Tyler Bortnickwas 2-2 with 2 walks including his 2nd home run. He also stole 3 bases, giving him 17 on the year.
  • BOWLING GREEN 8, West Michigan 4: Victor Mateo went 6 innings, not allowing a run. He struck out 4 and walked 2…1B Todd Wunderlich went 3-4 with a walk and an RBI.

Carl Crawford (via TampaBay.com)

Joe Maddon+Raheem Morris=Bromance (via TampaBay.com)

Seems like a good day to post this for the first time in 2011





  1. Amanda says:

    Cork, I still wonder if there's a change in Maddon's/the organization's attitude of pitch counts and complete games. Back when Big Game James earned the moniker in the first place, it seems he was taken out of games he could have completed. Is it because he's older? Is it because they're relaxing their attitude? Is it because veteran pitchers are griping about being treated like babies?

    Am I imagining this?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I think it is definitely an age issue. Think back to when Maddon pulled Price with 2 outs in the 9th inning. He'd never do that to Shields. Shields arm is fully developed. Shields knows what his arm is capable of. The team knows what it is capable of. And all of that equals less injury risk. The younger guys are still a bit of a question mark.

      • Amanda says:

        That's a fair point. But I took a look at Price's stats last year, and he had two complete games. I still go back to that game you're talking about and I don't see why Maddon doesn't let his star pitcher pitch to one more batter to potentially close out a game, especially since it was an error that lead to the run in the 9th, not poor pitching. Is there a line between potential injury and making sure your players are treated with respect?

        That aside, and back to my original point, could more complete games also be a function of not as much trust in the bullpen?

  2. Tone says:

    Cork, your take on the Crawford "cheer or boo" situation is refreshing. Whether people boo or cheer him, it is a good thing that they at least attended the game. I tip my Rays hat to you sir. Who cares what the media thinks anyway, they already dump on Rays fans and St. Pete.

  3. Greg says:

    Note how Youkilis didn't stumble at all when he spiked Kotchman and how he also did not even look back like it surprised him. Both would be natural reactions. Obviously, it was on purpose and I would expect retribution tonight with Hellickson on the hill.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      As I mentioned to somebody else, I have a feeling one of the vets sat down with Hellickson and had a conversation about protecting the guys that score runs for the pitchers.

    • angrybuddha says:

      Youkilis is a punk. He was frustrated because that groundout was his third of the game, he was 0-for-4 with 2 DPs. He took it out on Kotch's achilles. I'd like to have the game in hand when he gets plunked, but I do want him to worry about that pitch coming high and tight for as long as possible... maybe wait until his 2nd or 3rd at bat in Price's start...

    • MJ says:

      the fact that he didn't even look back to see if he hurt Kotch made me think it was intentional as well

  4. Beth says:

    I checked the Boston papers to see how they were reporting Youkilis kicking our first baseman, but apparently the Boston reporters didn't think it was worthy of comment. Maybe it's just "Youk being Youk"? However, although I know I'm in the minority here, I think the best revenge isn't hitting him, it's getting him out. I don't see how giving someone a free base teaches him a lesson. But if retaliation of this kind is in order, I'd rather see David Price do it. Don't put this on a rookie.

    And as for the response to Crawford: I was prepared to give him a round of applause his first time at bat, but then he came up with bases loaded! At that point it was all about the game, and not about Crawford's history with the Rays.

    • werD says:

      i agree. if bloggers are talking about retaliation, im sure the umps are geared up. the rays are only going ot get one high and inside before warnings are issued. i dont think Hellboy will be the one to send the message. The Rays got one Mr Farnsworth, and his MMA background, for just such an occasion. If im Youk, and i see KF on the hill at any point this season, i am standing 3 feet off the plate. and i am ABSOLUTELY NOT charging the mound after i take my beaning...

      • KillaTapes says:

        Ideal situation (In my opinion)- Rays up 9-1 on Thursday, top of the 9th. No need to bring in your closer right? Wrong! In comes Farny to face Youk, and the fun begins.

        Ok, maybe that's over the top. But I really can't stand Youk.

  5. Don says:

    Anybody that would Boo... CC are the "Johnny Come latelys"..that were not around when CArl was one of the main reasons to come to a Devil Rays game...For us that have been around thru thick and thin...Know Carl is the man...of which we can not replace....

  6. Kevin says:

    "Why did all of the Carl Crawford stories revolve around “boo him or cheer him?” Why did it have to be one or the other? Couldn’t we just root for the Rays to beat the Red Sox? We’ll cheer Crawford when he retires." - Brilliantly said!

  7. Ro says:

    You know the game was awesome when it's only an opponent in the bad column.

  8. Michael says:

    The booing was loud, but booing is always louder than the golf clap that most people gave him including myself.

    But then again, he's making more in a year to a hit a baseball than some people in the stands will see in a lifetime, so really he shouldn't be all that dismayed.

  9. Dave says:

    I cheered for him every time he came up to bat in a Ray's uniform. He chose to become a Red Sox player. He isn't a Ray anymore. I'm sure he knows how Rays fan feels about him. Boo him, or don't, he plays for Boston. I certainly wasn't cheering for him last night.

  10. Matt says:

    I loved what Crawford did and appreciate his efforts until he left, but booed him anyway. He is a Red Sock now, and never will cheer for anyone in Red Sucks gear. I agree with Dave. He isn't a Ray anymore and he knows how we feel. Well put Dave.


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