Last time we checked in with the attendance, things didn’t look good. Now that we are past the one-third mark of the season, the numbers are starting to trend upward, but the numbers still look bad.

After 30 home games this season, the Rays were

averaging 17,954 tickets sold per game. That was down 18.5 percent from the same point a year ago. Now, after a solid home stand in which the Rays averaged 21,137 fans, the Rays average tickets sold is up to 18,485. That is up more than 500 per game, but still down 15.6 percent from a year ago.

The Rays are currently 29th in attendance, ahead of only the Marlins (16,891). Yay Florida!

After 30 home games in 2010, the Rays were averaging 21,897 per game. They would finish the season with an attendance figure of 1.86 million (23,025 per game). This year, the Rays are on pace for just 1.50 million. That would be the team’s lowest mark since 2007 (1.39 million).



  1. Pablo says:

    If attendance is down...promote...worthwhile promotion. It costs the same to run a game whether someone is in a seat or not, so make it worth the public's while to go to GAMES, not just A GAME!

    For home games sell the same seat, for a series, at a good discount, 20-30%. Discount "after game starts" tickets at the ticket window 10% per inning, up to 70%. Offer multiple seat purchase discounts, buy 2 save 10%, 3 - 20%, 4 - 30% (max). Run food specials, ie: "a dog and a beer (or soda)...$5.00", slice of pizza...$1.99, etc., etc. Have a "free hot dog day", (everybody gets a ticket at the gate, redeemable for a free basic hot dog).

    Give out "freebies", not just for the kids, but for everyone, ie: a Rays pennant, a Rays pom-pom, Rays bumper sticker, car window sticker, etc., etc.

    Make it easier to get player's autographs. I've been to several games at the "TROP" and it's almost impossible to get an autograph. I think more people would attend if they just thought they could get an autograph. The owners and players need to remember that it's the fans who pay their saleries, and give them value added for their money.

    And while we're at it, $30.00 to park is a rip off!!! When you have to pay more to park your car, than your seat costs, a lot of people will just stay home. $5.00 would be more like it. Provide FREE or minimal charge bus service from Tampa, Lakeland, Sarasota, Clearwater, Temple Terrace, Spring Hill and other towns, to get people to the stadium. Make it fun for people to get to the game, as well as see the game. If it's being done now I'm not aware of it.

    If you aren't getting people to come to the stadium, you've got to "bite the bullet" and make it more economical and easier for people to come...not just sit back and moan about "how poor attendance is" and "how the fans aren't supporting the team". They support the Red Soxs in Boston and they don't always win. The same applies to other teams in other places. It takes a lot of years and a lot more people than we have in this area, to generate that kind of fan support.

    To get people to go to the stadium will require inovative promotions and affordable pricing. With the economic downturn we are currently in, many people, particularly families, ($100.00 minimum for a family of 4), simply cannot afford to go to see the Rays play. Speciality seating areas are overpriced, ie: the Whitney Bank Club @ $125-$150. It should be $79-$99. The buffet and lounge view isn't all that good!

    Tampa Bay is like a huge wall seperating St. Petersburg from the rest of west coast Florida. In addition, the location of the stadium has a certain "reputation", unjustified but nonetheless there. There has been a lot of talk about needing a new stadium. The "TROP" was specifically built for baseball and as such is a great stadium. With our high summer heat, humidty and heavy rains, a closed stadium is the only way to go. I've been to a Buccaneer game in September and I'll NEVER do that again. It has seating for about twice the present attendance and when we fill that up regularly then we can talk about a new stadium.

    The city of St. Petersburg, (and the entire west coast of Florida) has a considerable stake in the Rays, as do the owners, players and other employees, plus ancilliary businesses, and people in the area. There is a certain pride and prestige in having a major league baseball team in your town or area and the people of the area need to support and encourage the team, but the cities, communities and the Rays organization need to do their part too.

    HOOray for the Rays!!!

  2. Blake says:

    The vast majority of the big draw games are during July and September. I'd expect an uptick from that.

  3. Michael says:

    Call me after those weekend games against the Sawx.


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