So when’s the payback coming for Kevin Youklis?

The guy has run to first base how many times in his eight seasons? To break inside the baseline and spike Casey Kotchman at first in the ninth is miles from acceptable.

Nobody’s going to tell Joe that wasn’t intentional. Total BS at the end of what was a once-every-10-years play by Evan Longoria at third base.

Of course, that was all thankfully meaningless in a glorious 4-0 win for the good guys. James Shields was phenomenal with another complete game. Justin Ruggiano keeps tearing the cover off the ball. And the we’ll-take’m basehits dropped in for the good guys in the eighth.

Boston’s winning streak was buried firmly up their ass.

Despite the hatred of the Sox, Joe’s still a sentimental guy. The boos for Carl Crawford didn’t feel right. And the Crawford-Shields battle — a dozen or so pitches ending in a strikeout — stirred a lot of memories and emotion.

Just under 21k in the stands. Joe’s not one to talk attendance, but that’s got to be a very, very bad sign.





  1. Professor Twain says:

    Let David Price deliver the sting

  2. Sarah says:

    On the attendance: I blame the local Red Sox fans. The Trop used to be filled with red shirts when the Red Sox game to town. Tonight there were certainly some Sox fans there, but not nearly as many. I hated them when they came and now I resent them for not coming!

    As for the boos -- Crawford's first time up the reaction was very mixed -- some boos but many Rays fans standing and applauding. It seemed like after his first at bat we all decided the time for sentiment was over, and he was just another Sox, or Sock, after that.

  3. Joe says:

    Camera men failed at showing it but Shields was yelling at the Boston dugout after that Youk play right?

    • M says:

      Looked to me like he was just pointing at Evan for the solid play.

      • Looked to me that Shields was pointing at Youklis and saying that he's got one coming. Youklis was jawing back at Shields and looked pretty defiant.

        Revenge is a dish best served cold. It would serve the Sox right if their first baseman , Adrian Gonzalez, got his leg stepped on and broken. He's batting 100 points higher than Youk. I often wonder why our pitchers don't drill that buffoon (Youklis) just on general principal. Wagging that bat above his head like a clown would just make me want to break one of his ribs.

        • M says:

          I would be fine w/ that. Youk is officially the most annoying MLB player in book, surpassing AJ Pierzynski for the top spot.

  4. Michael says:

    21k is pretty crappy. But most of the stadium was filled except for those goddawful corner outfield seats and the nosebleeds.

    At some point, this stops being a failing of the fans and starts becoming a failing of the organization to make those seats desirable.

    I would NEVER pay 50+ dollars for one of those horrible corner outfield seats in a diamond game, are you kidding me? 301 is a way better view and is less than half the price.

    Those seats need to be priced as upper box or lower.


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