There was a lot to like about this win. Whether it was the Magic of Kotch and his three hits and solid glove or Bossman being such a force that the ‘Stros intentionally walked him. Joe can’t remember the last time that happened.

But Joe has to tip his cap to Wade Davis. Joe has always said the Rays starter is the key to a successful season. Yes, the top of the order is Complete Game Shields, David Price and Hellboy. Jeff Niemann is largely a wild card unknown.

If Davis, who pitches in the bottom of the rotation, can continue this kind of pitching, the Rays will be in the race for the American League East for the long haul.

Let’s be honest: We cannot expect Bossman to play day in and day out like he did tonight (outstanding catch by the way for Bossman in the field) and Dirtbag is struggling, has been all season and just may be one of those years for Dirtbag. The Legend of Sam Fuld is no more in Joe’s eyes, though he got robbed of a catch in left field.

No, the Rays are going to have to rely on their arms in the rotation. If Davis can be close to a stud like he was tonight, that is money.



  1. Joe says:

    I was impressed and to be honest, downright shocked with Neimann's first start back, shutting out the Brewers for 6 innings in Milwaukee. He faces a much weaker offense tomorrow, let's see how he looks.

    I just see so much in Wade Davis, he needs to get his K's back up because I actually think he can be better than he was tonight.

    Major concern: 1 man bullpen. Does anyone not named Farnsworth remember how to pitch?

  2. Andy says:

    As much as we cannot expect Upton to have a season full of nights like tonight, likewise we can expect Dirtbag's season to improve. Both expectations are based on historical performances, so both should be assumed 🙂

  3. LoLJFH says:

    While Upton has been playing well this weekend, did anyone notice him "loafing" around third on the play he was thrown out at home? This was not typical BJ long strides heading for home, it was a slow gait. HE got himself thrown out by not hustling - that is what I am sick of with this guy and then the shots of him from the dugout telling Evan and Joe how he was blocked and "it wasn't his fault". Corporan made a nice adjustment on that play from earlier and blocked him out yes, but it never should have come to that had he hustled and been 3 steps closer when the ball got there - oh, that's right, he would have already crossed the plate. Still a win is a win and I'll take it but BJ continues to show his lack of focus and hustle. If my wife and 12 year old can see it on the LIVE shot, then how didn't anyone else. A she said: "wait until they watch that video after the game". Evan is looking better at times but he is still going after WAY too many outside picthes and lunging (and taking too many inside strikes). He is not patient and trying to do too much (still) and the impact of not having a Pena-type player behind him has changed the pitcher's approach and his. Until he has a threat behind him, we can expect Dirtbag's season to remain status quo I fear.

  4. Don says:

    I wasn't sure Kotchmann would make it here when he first was signed, I thought it was a favor for Daddy by Maddon ( I didn't know about the vision thing)
    BUT I can say this now he is the Rays most accomplished hitter, he knows more about bat control and swinging for a hit than any other Ray, Damon a close 2nd, you can't strike the guy out, what a "win" fall for the Rays and if they make the playoffs, you can look no farther that Koch, as the main reason...hit him 3rd and you got it Maddon....


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