Darn, what a bittersweet win this was.

Joe was completely geeked how the kid Alex Cobb got a win over the Fish Saturday night. Talk about letting your defense win you a game. He only had two strikeouts.

That meant a lotta ground balls, a lotta fly balls, a lotta letting your defense make plays, making your defense keep on their toes.

With the exception of Matt Joyce and the Magic of Kotch, there has not been a better story than the pitching of Alex Cobb after being called up from Durham.

So after Saturday’s win it was a bit frustrating for Joe to learn Cobb’s going back to Durham, to make way for Jeff Niemann.

Joe has nothing against Niemann. But there is something about Niemann that he hasn’t been the same since he was injured last season.

Joe would have hoped that Niemann would have earned the right to make the parent club roster. Why fix something that, so far, isn’t broken?



  1. Don says:

    Is not bad Senting Cobb back to the minors for further refinement..the first time Niemann stubs his toe(oh sorry longoria) Cobb will be ready to finish the season...Also hate to think it... but what a great time to trade Shields for a a"real hitter" (maximun value)
    I mean whats the drop off from Shields to Cobb..the Rays don't want to pay Shields next year anyway...NOW is the time

  2. steve says:

    Trade Shields? You want to trade a legit ace who is reasonably priced? Anybody bar of equal value would be too expensive for the Rays. I wouldn't mind them for once trading a couple of their arm prospects. BJ and Torres for Morse. We know WAS wants a CF and needs pitching for the future if they want to contend.

    • pete says:

      You want to trade Upton AND Torres for Mike Morse?

      • Matt says:

        Steve...Morse has never had more than 300 at-bats in his career. If anything happens, the nats would have to give the rays Morse and another prospect or two for upton.

  3. Rob says:

    I agree Niemann should be on a short leash when he comes back. If he can't get through 4+ innings without giving up 5-6 runs throw him the pen, send Sonny down, and bring Cobb back up. Niemann looked good in the pen at the end of last year. He may just not have the right body type to be a starter. He is not lanky like most tall pitchers. He is built more like Goose Gossage than Randy Johnson.


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