Ah, offense, how great is that?

It happened largely thanks to the Magic of Kotch and a little bit of defense.

Hitting in the five-hole Saturday, the Magic of Kotch had three RBIs in as many hits, and damned Joe was impressed they were all clutch hits.

The Rays had a nice lead early in the game and then the O’s got to a tired David Price to wipe out the Rays lead, In the top of the ninth, clutch Magic of Kotch was able to get an RBI to tie the game and added to that in extra innings with an RBI in the 10 for extra innings.

The Magic of Kotch!

Nice to see Dirtbag start to fight his way out of an awful offensive slump and very nice to see Briggy come up with a massive defensive play late in the game. Joel Peralta is really beginning to worry Joe.

But to be honest, this win is on the broad shoulders of the Magic of Kotch.


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  1. Don says:

    My vote for Ruggiano as superman II with a bat....


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