Joe’s seen enough of J.P. Howell and his neo-Messiah hair coming out of the Rays pen.

Howell, since missing all of last season due to surgery, sure seems like he needs more rehab. The guy has barely been able to keep runners from advancing much less from getting on base in the first place since he returned to the parent club.

Tuesday was the worst example and it very likely cost the Rays a win.

Coming into the game down a run — Hellboy did all right after fighting through some early troubles — Howell proceeded to throw gas on the beginnings of a simmering fire by walking his first batter — on four pitches no less! — and then getting shelled by Ryan Braun and Cecil Fielder.

Sure, Andy Russell lit the fire but Howell did absolutely nothing to stop a Brew Crew rally.

Joe has nothing against Howell but isn’t the minor leagues a place where pitchers are to rehab and work back into shape and not the parent club?

Howell clearly is not back to his previous self. Let him work out his troubles in Durham or Montgomery.

Unless of course the team has already decided upon a firesale at the trade deadline.



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