No, Joe’s not drunk. He actually wrote the headline above stone sober.

Even Joe has a hard time believing he wrote that headline, but it’s true. It was Kelly Shoppach that likely had the key hit of the game, a two-run single to left that plated Bossman and SRod. It gave the Rays a four-run lead.

Good thing to because it was at that time Wade Davis simply ran out of gas and the Orioles got two runs to pull within 7-5.

If not for Shoppach’s two RBIs, that game would have been tied. And just about any baseball pitcher much less manager will tell you how different you pitch and play in a tie game compared to a two-run lead late.

If not for Shoppach’s two-run single, who knows what would have happened, how the game would have ended?

If Shoppach can be just a little better hitter, come up with a game like this once or twice a week, hit maybe .250, he would be so much better and the Rays would be more formidable at the plate.

Joe is hoping this is a sign of better things to come from Shoppach.



  1. Michael says:

    Shoppach is lethal with a baseball bat.

    The only problem is that he is literally lethal, in that you will be crushed in the face by a bat while sitting behind the dugout while you are checking your text messages.

    The competitively lethal thing... still working on that.

    • Rg says:

      According to the radio guys the ushers tried to take the bat away from the fan who caught it, and when he wouldn't give it up he was escorted out. They wondered if there was a no bat policy at Camden Yards, but never followed up on it. If you sit on the 3b side of the field beyond the home plate net, you better keep your head on a swivel when Shop is up.

      • Andy says:

        Usually that's ShoppACHE who has the 'no bat' policy; I think he inherited that from Pat the Gnat 🙁 Thankfully, he 4got that 2day :-)) He also deserves kudos for the guy he caught stealing! Hope that's not the last good day for the month.

  2. Don says:

    Sitting "close to the field" is not all that its cracked up to be... besides nuts like shopp. throwing bats you have to look out for 100mph foul balls....
    we fool around too much (drinking/talking) for that....upstairs is can see just me


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