Monday night was one of Dirtbag’s worst games in the big leagues. It all came to a head when Dirtbag ran past a baserunner in front of him, simply an inexcusable sin on the major league level.

All that is forgotten now. That’s because Dirtbag saved the Rays.

Staring pitcher David Price was mowing down the Reds until he started running out of gas. Joel Peralta almost wiped out all of Price’s good will and solid game by allowing a tying run at 3-3 on a wild pitch. Damnit!

But it was Dirtbag to the rescue. He parked a pitch in the ninth inning to the third row in the left field bleachers and all was good. Rays win, 4-3.

No, Price didn’t get the win but thank goodness the Rays did.

And at least for a night, Dirtbag did his best to make us all forget that horrid baserunning error.



  1. ALLEN says:

    Although Price was running out of gas, he would have made it through the 8th without giving up a run were it not for the bad call by the ump at 2nd base which almost cost the Rays the game. Great pitching duel. Exciting game with heorics from Damon, Longoria & Price.

    The Rays desperately need hitters. Zobrist is streaky. So is Joyce. Longoria is having a bad year. Kotchman can at least get the bat on the ball, which Upton hasn't yet learned to do. Brignac can't hit. He's worse than the two punchless catchers. I don't know what to say about left field. No experience. Who is the left fielder anyway? Somebody other than Damon please show some consistency.

    It was a great game to watch. I took my 10-year old grandson to his first-ever big league regular season game and he loved it. He's fast becoming a Rays fan. We beat three excellent pitchers with ERAs under 2.

    • Don says:

      You must not have watched the same game I did last night "punchless" jaso and "no Experience" fuld...WIthout them Rays get nothing last night,ask your grandson.....

      • ALLEN says:

        Come on----the reason Ruggiano and Fuld were able to hustle and score two runs on Damon's bloop double is because there were two outs. They had no reason not to run.

        I did see the same game you saw, but did you actually read what I wrote? In my second paragraph I was not commenting on last night's game, but the season.

    • rayalan says:

      What games have you been watching. Sam Fuld has saved this team so many runs I have lost count. Also his hit and hustle last night gave us the lead in the bottom of the 8th.

      My apologies to the writer of this story but what game were you watching. Credibility took a bit of a dive. Peralta struck the only batter he faced out (Scott Rolen). No runs scored whie Peralta was in the game for the one batter he faced.

  2. Mark says:

    Did you even watch the game? Peralta didn't allow the game to be tied on a wild pitch. The game was tied on a Votto rope of a double into the left field corner off Price. Peralta came in after the game had been tied and struck out Rolen to end the 8th innning. That being said, another gritty effort by the Rays. Lets pick up the series win today!

    • Daredevil says:

      Actually, when Peralta entered the game, the score was Reds 2, Rays 1. His wild pitch allowed the inherited runner to go from 2nd to 3rd base, but was stranded there when Peralta proceeded to strike out Rolen. The Rays then scored 2 in the bottom of the 8th, and Peralta stood to get the win until Farnsworth blew the save. Just wanted to clear things up. Still an awesome pitching performance by Price (and Cueto). Go Rays!


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