Joe was going to sign off on his allegiance to Sonny in this missive. The words of how good of a pitcher Sonny (is alleged) to be from the likes of Don Zimmer and Tony La Russa as well as the memory of his studly pitching in 2008 make Joe hope for, pine for, Sonny to return to that form.

But it is not meant to be and after tonight, Joe’s done with Sonny. But you know what, Sonny could have thrown damned near the game of his life and it wouldn’t have mattered.

The Rays offense is horrible.

With the exception of Matt Joyce, this is a team worthy of Montgomery the way they hit. As usual, Joe points to the guy responsible for the hitting: Derek Shelton.

Joe can sort of give Dirtbag a pass as he missed so much of the start of the season. There are no more excuses for Bossman, Briggy and the two lummoxes the Rays have for catchers.

Jason Valdez (!) of all people tossed a four-hit complete game shutout. Sickening. Yeah, he had some decent defense behind him robbing the Rays of one extra-base hit, but still, that was one potential extra-base hit.

For the Rays to put together any kind of winning streak with this putrid offense, David Price, Big Game Shields and Hellboy will have to throw no-hitters and hope the Rays can score in extra innings.



  1. Amanda says:

    +1 for the use of "lummoxes."

  2. Tone says:

    This line-up is really really bad. What a waste of a career year for Joyce. I will be taking a break from baseball now until I see them make changes that actually appear interesting. Waiting for Elliot Johnson to get back is not exciting. The owner has turned into a pumpkin.

    • pete says:

      Do you remember how awful this team was for 10 years? Yes the lineup is pretty bad right now but our pitching is rock solid and it will be for a very long time.

      We have been playing very poorly for 2 weeks now and we are still only 3 games back. This team isn't going to win anything this year but is still going to win more then they lose and everyone on the planet knew this was going to be a down year for the rays.

      The future is bright for the rays and for rays fans but within the model , we can't expect to push for the playoffs yearly. this is a down year and we are still better then we were from 98-07.

      • Tone says:

        Wow, it's not too hard being better than the Devil Ray era teams; they were pretty much the worst teams ever assembled. The owner wants a new stadium and is obviously not happy with his situation in the area. He should move on. What is the point in holding Jennings/Guyer/Lobaton ect.. down in AAA when the club could use them now? What is the point in starting Sonny as many times? Kelly Shoppach? They are terrible fillers designed to kill time. He is gaming and playing politics in order to get his way at the expense of the team. He is making money, denying that is ignorant(not that you mentioned that specifically). So either try and win or sell the team to someone who does. They always stop short of going for it and keep awful players WAAAAY too long(Percival/Burrell/Shoppach). In 2008 and 2010 they could have made moves to get a bat for the playoffs, but they just stood still. Glaring holes abound, yet this year they could actually contend if they just pulled their head out of the sand. It's annoying to watch them suck sooo bad. They have sucked more than this 2 week stretch.

        • pete says:

          Jennings is the only guy being held down for contract purposes. I totally agree that changes need to be made and i'm pretty sure Guyer and Lobaton will be here soon but i'm also not sold that those guys will save this team.

          This Franchise will compete for a playoff spot 7 of 10 years (thats the front office's goal) i can accept that and be happy with that. until our TV contract and Stadium issues are resolved.

  3. Don says:

    Joe Maddon for "Manager of the year"...Joe on a dailey basis demonstrates he is going to sticK with "HIS" matter what you idiot fans or media say about their NON long as players like
    Sonnstein, shopp, Brig, Rod, Perez, rigg.,Upton continue to be main line players on this team..Joe will be my man!
    Isn't the Rays suppose to be the team with unlimited prospects we got on trade offs and drafts ...WHEN was the last time you seen one called up that made an impact?(Cobb maybe?) They can't make this team?...


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