Damn. For a while it seemed like the Rays would really rally. David Price had one of his worst starts of the season, yet the Rays only trailed by two.

Red Sux starter Clay Buchholz had to leave in the fifth with a bum back. This was too good to be true. It smelled like a comeback and seemed a near-sure thing when the Magic of Kotch homered to right for a 3-2 score.

Even after Goggles gave up a homer, the Rays had the tying run on base only to see SRod look terrible against Papeldouche.

It was a miracle the Rays were still in the game since Price pitched so poorly — for his standards, though it was sweet to see Kevin Pukeukilis get drilled by Price.

But the Rays offense is a bad joke, even if the Legend of Sam Fuld came up with some offense of his own for a change. The Rays simply aren’t going to go anywhere with this impotent offense. Rays pitchers can only do so much.

For each game the Rays tank at the plate, it’s one game closer to see a firesale, hopefully for some bats.

Oh, and Joe will help pay for Derek Shelton’s moving expenses.



  1. I'll do the apartment scouting, we need a better batting coach, anyone else notice that both of Evan's bad seasons at the plate (2010, 2011 thus far) has been under Shelton?

    • Derek says:

      His 2010 was better than his 08, and he struck out less in 2010 than he did in 09... SOooooooo I wouldn't call that bad.

      Believe it or not, home runs are not the only aspect of the game.

      • But he hit more consistently in 08 and 09 though, screw the more strike outs, I want more hits and run producing ones at that.

        • Derek says:

          His batting average in 2010 was his highest ever... Not to sound mean, but you're wrong about this.

          There is a stat that literally tells you how much run production a player adds. His 2010 was his best year in that stat.

          You can argue any aspect of this. His batting average was higher, his on base was higher, he hit more doubles, he stole more bases, he hit more triples, he struck out less. The only thing that was worse was the home run totals. He hit more singles, he had more sac flys, he even hit into a lot fewer double plays.

  2. Rob says:

    I think they will be sellers at the break (and hopefully they can get a catching prospect).

    Another lackluster performance and another home series with them averaging 2 runs a game. I posted this yesterday, but this team is more frustrating than fun to watch this year.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Rays were 8-9 games back at the all-star break. I think .500 for this team is a reasonable expectation, but that means they will be 15-18 games out of first by the end of the season.


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