What a year it has been for James Shields. The guy, in less than a year, has gone from Big Game to No Game back to Big Game and now Complete Game Shields.

The guy is now in some rare company. Since the turn of the century, only 16 pitchers had six complete games in a season. Complete Game has done that before the All Star break.

Though this may be heresy to suggest, one wonders what kind of smile breaks the face of Andrew Friedman thinking about what kind of a haul he could get for Complete Game at the trade deadline. Let’s be honest, right now Complete Game’s trade value has never been higher.

Of course, this is not on the mind of Merlot Joe and the Rays wizard of a manager may have stumbled onto something tonight, other than Complete Game.

SRod led off and had one of the best games he’s had that Joe can remember. Three hits in four at-bats, scoring a pair of runs and stealing a base is a full evening.

Speaking of droughts, when is the last time the Rays had hits from the top four hitters in the lineup (including Bossman)? Strange but Joe hopes Merlot Joe tries it again.



  1. Michael says:

    That was a pretty exciting game from every angle.

    James Shields is like... the best resurgence I have seen in any sport ever. This guy was a dead man walking at the end of last year, with an embarrassing playoff outing.

    Now he owns the AL. Watching him pitch is appointment television for me.

    You'd think that James Shields is a guaranteed trade. I can't imagine that the Rays are really wanting to accrue MORE draft picks from Class A free agent departures... they must need/want someone who they can stick in within a couple of years...

    But really... if by the trade deadline they are tied in the division or leading... would they really trade their best player? Wouldn't Stu, who has done nothing but brow-beat the fanbase all year, just cut the check for some right handed power and make another '08 style run?

    If the Rays are within 3 games of first and Shields gets traded... I would be extremely disappointed in the front office.

    Please, trade Upton instead.

  2. Amanda says:

    Or, it's a sign that they absolutley don't trust the bullpen.

  3. Don says:

    Only Trade for Shields would be a power hitting Catcher, or a SS that can hit .280-.300....then bring up Cobb and we make a run for AL east
    AND Price gets his "ACE" status back...

    • Amanda says:

      The only thing, Don, is that it takes two to tango. Teams that have a power-hitting catcher or a shortstop that hits .300 generally want to hang on to them, no matter what the price. Or they're dealing from a position of power where they hold the leverage in dealing because those types of players are so rare, that they'll ask for the moon and stars in return. The Rays can't just go out and make a trade like that because they don't control what the other team will give up in return.

      • Don says:

        I guess your discounting the Value of one of the top pitchers in baseball
        and under contract for a few more years...what do you think a player like that is worth? esp to some team one pitcher short of a playoff run....

        • phil says:

          the reds need pitching and they have a catcher and a first baseman at triple A that are top prospects....

        • Amanda says:

          That's a valid point, but I'm not really discounting Shields' value. Do I think he's worth it? Absolutely! Does the GM of the team holding the cards with the types of players you listed think that it's worth giving up his players for James Shields? That's where it matters. My point is just because that's what we want or need -- even if it's the Rays' GM who wants or needs it -- doesn't mean that the other GM will want to pull the trigger on the trade.


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