If there was any debate that Sonny should not see another start in a Rays uniform again short of an outbreak of the Ebola virus, rookie Alex Cobb slammed the door shut on this (not so much of a) debate.

The rook was solid, on the road no less, against some solid sticks, outdueling Dan Haran. Even after a shaky first inning, he dodged bullets and got a ground ball for a double play. Any time you give up three hits in an inning without allowing a run, it’s your night.

Cobb was helped by ageless Johnny Damon’s three extra-base hits.

Kyle Farnswoth has damned near made Rays fans forget MFIKY. The way this closer in theory could totally make fans forget MFIKY is if he wildly untucks his jersey after finishing off a save. Guy just mowed down the Halos in the ninth.

Solid, solid, solid win by the Rays. Your new Rays rotation should be David Price, Big Game, Hellboy, Wade Davis and Cobb.

Say hello to the pen, Sonny.



  1. Jimmy Delach says:

    "Cole Punches Sonny's Ticket To Bullpen". Should be Cobb.

  2. Rob says:

    I agree with your rotation, and I am not convinced that Jeff Niemman should supplant Cobb either when he comes off the DL. Niemman has looked horrible since the second half of last season, and I don't think additional time off and a couple of rehab starts is going to change that. Something is definitely wrong about his health or mechanics.


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