Joe’s been pretty rough on Briggy this season. Simply put, if a guy is going to be handed a starting job on a team vying for a playoff spot in the American League East, Joe expects said player to play like a major leaguer.

For much of the season, Briggy struggled to hit his weight and Joe could count the number extra-base hits for the season — in June no less! — Briggy had on one hand. Unacceptable.

But this morning in the Rays extra-inning win over the Angels, Briggy played like a major league stud.

Sure, there was the stunning home run he had (!) and the sweet sacrifice bunt for the eventual game-winning run. But what Joe will remember most from this game was the insane catch Briggy had.

Joe often wrote that the way Briggy wasn’t hitting, he better play like Ozzie Smith in the field. Briggy laid out to his right and was parallel to the ground when he nabbed what easily would have been extra-bases for the Angels.

The play was moved Smith, word is he did a backflip.

Though the Legend of Sam Fuld may disagree, Briggy’s play could arguably be the best of the season. It’s certainly in the top five for the Rays this year. Regardless, it was impressive as hell! Joe even put his beer down he was so stunned.

This was easily Briggy’s best game of his young major league career. If not for Briggy tonight, the Rays don’t sweep the Angels for the first time in Anaheim in Rays franchise history.

Nice job Briggy!



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