Joe is simply sick about how a win was robbed from the Rays in this extra-innings loss.

Not, it’s not how Goggles finally gave up a loss. Dude has been studly most of the season and Joe won’t point a finger at Goggles. He’s human after all.

No, Joe will instead focus on the horrid call by plate umpire John Tumpane.

Justin Ruggiano appeared to easily score the tying run in the seventh inning when both his front and back foot slid across the plate as Tigers catcher Alex Avila’s swipe missed Ruggiano by at least six inches, right in front of Tumpane.

But no! Not only did Tumpane call Ruggiano out, it also ended the inning which would have left the Rays with runners in scoring position.

That, my friends, was the turning point in the game. Even new WTSP sports anchor and hardcore Yankees fan @NicoleDarin would have sympathized with the Rays, even after Merlot Joe was run from the game.

(Memo to Nicole: Joe hates to unleash his power, but for your own credibility if not peace of mind, please don’t flaunt your Yankees love on your Twitter bio and subject yourself to non-stop arrows and barbs. At least pretend to be objective, huh? Joe and his many followers, which includes some of your new colleagues at WTSP, want to embrace you on Rays Twitter chats each game like many local media members join in. It’s hard to do that knowing you would rather the Rays lose select games. Yes, it’s America and you are welcome to root for any team you wish, but at least try to give the professional impression of objectivity.)

Had Tumpane made the right call, the game would not have gone to extra-innings and the Rays would have won, perhaps by multiple runs.

It was one of the worst calls Joe has seen in some time. Pathetic.



  1. Farsnworth does not get the blame for the loss in my book either, it's obviously as you said squarely on the shoulders of the Home plate Ump. Horrendous.

  2. Jordi says:

    And Miss Darin said she came down for Gator football to boot. Terrible life decisions.

  3. Don says:

    Bad performers(players) always blame outside forces...It is never their fault they lost....including 100 mistakes and 1 run in 10innings..."Those damn umpires made us lose"


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