See what happens when the sticks come out to play?

When Joe learned Dirtbag and Bossman likely had too much sushi at the wrong shop and couldn’t play because Pepto Bismol wasn’t getting the job done, Joe was ready for a loss. Of late, the Rays and their (lack of) offense weren’t helping out David Price at all.

But look at what happens when you get your ace an early lead. With a two-run lead, Price seemed to lock in and until the eighth was damned sharp.

Wait a minute! The Rays got some offense from an outfielder not named Matt Joyce? Hard to believe but it happened. Justin Ruggiano — Justin Ruggiano?!?! — belted a two-run homer that pretty much ended the game.

Speaking of sharp and ending the game, Kyle Farnsworth was Hammer of God-like. Five pitches for the first two outs? That’s damned solid. Joe’s of the mind that Farnsworth isn’t getting enough street cred for what he has done this season.


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  1. Joe says:

    It's not in the box score how often Kyle faces the middle of the order either. Maddon needs to start giving him 4+ outs if Joel has been used a lot. I must say Ramos looks impressive most of the time, just not sure about the 8th inning for him.


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