Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachussets and presidential hopeful, took in a game at the Trop on Tuesday. And while he claims to be a Red Sox fan, he was in for a little surprise when he arrived for the game. Take it away Sam Gardner

“It’s cool — I had no idea [the Rays play in a dome]” Romney told the St. Pete Times. “I thought I was going to be in sweltering heat, but instead it’s cool, and a responsive and warm crowd”…The Rays and Red Sox have played 227 regular-season games against one another, with 114 of those meetings taking place at Tropicana Field — and that’s to say nothing of the four games played at the Trop during the 2008 American League Championship Series…However at no point, it appears, did Romney notice that his favorite team’s division rival does not, in fact, play outside.

Honestly, we would have been more surprised if he knew the Rays play in a dome.



  1. Don says:

    Oh well..the politician is so used to sweltering in that dump called fenway park...he couldn't believe we live and play in 72 degrees ac...even he was comfortable for a back to that dump in Boston...

  2. cg says:

    i hate when politicians care too much about sports to pander to the voter base. if he wins he is going to have a helluva lot more to think about than the dump our beloved Rays call home.


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