One year ago on Rays Index we wrote about the dugout scuffle between Evan Longoria and BJ Upton.

Upton, Longoria Have To Be Separated In Rays Dugout (Video) [Rays Index]





  1. Hal says:

    You think BJ gave Evan a little talking to yesterday?

  2. rich says:

    It's always fun to read the comments from posts X year(s) ago.
    Remember that the Rays won the East with the best AL record (we wont talk about the post-season ). Everybody was certain that the season was over

    John thought
    ...Cut the cancer out and have Jennings take his spot, trade him in a package with Blaylock and get something in return. And then sign Crawford. BTW John also wanted to trade off Shields for prospects.
    Good thing John doesn't work in the front office

    Robert said
    ... This team is rudderless and leaderless. Solutions:
    1. Front office needs to talk to Maddon, it’s time (to borrow a phrase) to Cowboy Up!
    2. Sit Upton down for a week. He’s too old to baby now and forget about losing him. He’s lost already. Package him with Bartlett and get a high-character everyday player
    3. Sign Crawford now. He’s the heart and soul of the team. Forget the new stadium because at this rate 10 people will be in the stands by Sept.
    4. Trade Garza bring up Hellikson (Sp?). The Cy Young stuff was always a reach.
    ... we are still bitching about attendance a year later; good call on Garza/Hellickson however

    ... you've gotta love Don!!!
    I am so tired of rehashing the Upton, Pena, bullshit Maddon, bad hitters thing… I’m glad it finally came to the fore front!But you can Book one thing NOW: The Rays will NOT make the playoffs with the current group of players (hitters) they have right NOW… plus Maddon directing!
    Maddon can stick Upton/Pena up his a s s and they can all go to happyville together!

    Alex was my favorite....
    Season’s over boys. Let the firesale begin. Bye bye Carl, BJ, Bartlett, Soriano, Wheeler, and whoever else.
    A year later most in his list (and then some) are gone, and the world did not come to an end


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