On Monday night, the Rays used their first pick (number 24 overall) on Taylor Guerrieri, a pitcher from Spring Valley High School in South Carolina. And the more we hear about this kid, the more we are left scratching our heads.

First there were reports of character issues and immaturity…Whatever. He is a high school kid. We’d be more shocked if he didn’t have some maturation left to do.

But then we heard this strange little nugget in which Guerrieri wouldn’t even talk to his hometown paper at the suggestion of his “advisors”…OK, that’s a little weird. Not even a “I am really excited for this opportunity” or an “I have been waiting for this day for a long time” comment. But meh. It wouldn’t be the first over-protective “advisor.”

But then the story took a strange turn when we read that the Rays have yet to speak with Guerrieri despite efforts to do so.

So far [the Rays] can’t even get pitcher Taylor Guerrieri, their top pick on Monday night, to return phone calls…”With a lot of these guys, it’s just going to be a matter of letting things settle down and we’ll get with them,” scouting director R.J. Harrison said. “I intend to go in there next week or so to meet with the family, really emphasize to them the importance of getting him out playing, and we’ll just go from there.”

Huh-wah? Who is advising this kid, Charlie Chaplin?

Now that is weird. We have no idea how often this happens, but it would seem to be pretty rare for a first round pick. It is usually pretty customary to get the “congrats, welcome to the team, we’re excited to have you” phone call.

The excitement over this draft pick is fading about as fast as his 97 mph fastball.



  1. Chris says:

    LeVon Washington all over again? Perhaps this is what the Rays do with their draft picks that if left unsigned, return compensation in later years (see non-sandwich round compensation picks). It's a good way to defray some of the cost of the 10 first day picks this year, and push it to the next year where the Rays will have less initial costs for high draft picks. I'm not totally opposed to the move if that's their line of thinking.

    As tight lipped as the organization is, they would never admit to this, but it might be their rationale.

    • Derek says:

      Yeah, but that's not really the best plan. This kid fell, and he fell pretty far. I doubt you have a pitcher, or even a position player, of his talent still on the board at 24 next year.

  2. pete says:

    This kid could very well be 1-1 in the 2014 draft and was always a very strong commit to South Carolina.

    Lets all hope he signs but know it will be expensive.

    • Nick says:

      Pete he could also blow his arm out in college and loose his baseball scholarship. At least if he blows his arm up in the minors he will already have a huge nest egg to use while he ponders what to do next.

  3. Ken Heller says:

    Move on down the line Rays. You have a lot of excellent picks. Let the kid play his silly ass games and go to South Carolina. When he comes in begging in a month or so low ball the slug.

  4. Jon L. says:

    Sounds like a problem already. He will more than likely take a while to develop if he does sign just because he is out of high school.

  5. Theresa G says:

    Did he even qualify to get in at Carolina? I know that there were some question if he would.

  6. James says:

    The worst kept secret in his hometown was that he had a got in an accident while drunk, lawyered up, and got the DUI expunged. He was a royal douche bag. Hence switching schools once his senior year started (he would have been intelligible to play baseball at his former school for, wait for it.... drinking.)


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