After Joe Maddon’s shenanigans on Monday night, in which he had Sam Fuld warm up on the mound, there was some confusion as to exactly why it happened.

Wait. No. There was no confusion as to why it happened. Maddon was trying to sneak in a few extra warm-up pitches for Cesar Ramos.

But there was some confusion over the rule, and whether Maddon knowingly circumvented the rule that says a substitute for the pitcher must face at least one batter.

Well, the league office called Maddon yesterday to get his side of the story, and presumably to explain the rule. Afterwards, Maddon issued an apology to the umpires (via Marc Topkin)…

Rays manager Joe Maddon apologized to the umpiring crew before Tuesday’s game and said he was wrong in thinking OF Sam Fuld could warm up on the mound Monday without having to stay in the game and pitch…Maddon called it “a very honest non-descript mistake” and said “I was not totally aware of the rule like that…I wasn’t trying to get away with anything,” he said. “I was not aware of that, I was not clear on that. That is my fault, nobody’s elses”…Maddon got a call earlier today from MLB VP Joe Torre to discuss the situation…Maddon also said home plate umpire Bob Davidson misunderstood him because he never said Fuld was injured and couldn’t pitch, as the umpire crew chief said…”I think it was a total miscommunication, I never said anything about an injury,” Maddon said.

Well, we’re not sure how somebody could miscommunicate a non-injury. But whatever.

But for Maddon to say he “wasn’t trying to get away with anything,” is a bit disingenuous. He was absolutely trying to get away with something. He may have thought the move was legal. But he also knew he was making a mockery of the game, for his own advantage. Even if it was legal, it is just silly to send a position player out to the mound to buy some time.

Another issue here is just how silly it is that we are still playing baseball in 2011 under two different rule books*.

For many years, we hated the DH and subscribed to the NL way. But we have come to see the error in our ways. And now, we don’t want to see Jeff Niemann flail at a pitch anymore than we want to see Josh Freeman try to tackle a running back, or attempt a field goal, or block on kickoff return.

* We are aware that the one batter rule is a rule for both leagues, but this is not an issue in the AL where you don’t ever pinch-hit for the pitcher. That was the situation that led to the confusion.



  1. Don says:

    Hey ..where are all the posters from Yesterday..remember "MAddon is a genius" Those that don't know difference..Maddon is a MORON that doesn't know the rules of the game he is managing...and tries to make a joke of it when he is reprimanded for violations...I used to do the same thing in the 3rd grade when my teacher caught me sleeping...OH well it was funny....and then the media doesn't know the difference

  2. zenny says:

    Maddon is still a genius, imo. He has to manage "another way" to win w/ this team, which would be no more than a .500 ballclub under conventional management. I love the way Joe thinks outside the box.

  3. Sarah says:

    If the umpires don't understand, or fail to enforce the rules, how is that Maddon's fault? they should have insisted that Fuld face a batter.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Well, in this case, the umpires claim somebody told them that Fuld was sore and needed to be taken out. Maybe that was a miscommunication. But Maddon knew he was doing something shady.

      • Sarah says:

        Certainly if he intentionally misled them about the situation (pretending that Fuld was actually going to pitch, but then was injured) it's on him. But it seems plausible to me that the umpires were just thrown by what is hardly a common occurrence, and didn't know quite how to react. I wish they'd forced Fuld to face a batter.

  4. rayalan says:

    A mockery of the game are you serious. That is about as dumb a comment I have ever heard on this site. What took place was a very very insignificant situation. Get a life

    • Don says:

      Maddon is the only "Mockery" and the fans that don't know what he is...

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I consider it a mockery if you blatantly break a rule and everybody knows you broke the rule but cant do anything about it. You may not think that is a mockery. That's fine. You may be right.

      In the meantime, I am going to go look for that "life" you speak of.

  5. 813dude says:

    If this was such an abuse of the game why didn't Maddon get fined?


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