Joe Maddon has never shied away from saying something clever. Sometimes it is insightful. Sometimes it makes us chuckle. And sometimes we just roll our eyes. But he might have outdone himself last night, when asked about David Price plunking  Kevin Youkilis after Youkilis spiked Casey Kotchman two days earlier (via

“It’s not uncommon when a pitcher pitches inside that a hitter can get hit on occasion…It’s tantamount to a runner running to first base, and on occasion he may step on a guy’s leg.”

Of course, this is in response to Youkilis’ comments following Monday’s game when he said “It just happens…It doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes you get nipped a little bit.”

Youkilis had also stated that he “asked (Kotchman) if he was okay.” But according to the Rays, Youkilis only said “My bad” as we walked past Kotchman and according to John Romano “did not appear even a little concerned about taking out the leg of a former teammate.”



  1. Don says:

    I hope the Red Sox players and manager thought it was clever or Longo will be eating one next game...oh well..... better than hitting Joyce.... we need him!

  2. Professor Twain says:

    Well played by Price and Maddon. I thought the Rays might want to fill the bases in that situation anyway to go for a double play, hitting him got the same job done. Played out poorly though when Price walked Big Pappi.

  3. Rg says:

    Maybe we can work out a trade for Jonny Gomes before out next trip to Fenway.


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