We caught the end of the Reds-Giants tilt on Sunday Night Baseball, and when Jonny Gomes came to bat in the ninth inning, we were blown away by how little he looked. Here is a comparison of Gomes, circa 2008 and Gomes on Sunday night. The images are scaled so that the heads are the same length (using the nose and chin)…

Just a bad angle? Jonny always wore his uniform baggy. But it doesn’t even look like he is coming close to filling out the Reds jersey. Maybe he just lost the baby fat or stopped eating at Taco Bell.

Or maybe…Nahhhh.

Interestingly, we went back and checked. Gomes was listed at 205 pounds with the Rays* and this year he is listed at 223 pounds. Does the guy on the right weigh 20 pounds more than the guy on the left?

* We’re not sure which year that came from. Players often use the same number for several seasons even if it changes in reality



  1. Matt says:

    Most people won't get the Christian Bale reference.

    Far as Gomes goes, maybe he dropped the fat and added muscle. Who knows. Dude can mash.

  2. LSX says:

    I think it's just a bad angle. He isn't as heavy as he used to be, but he's a lot bigger than he looks in that pic above with the Reds.


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