There are a lot of things about this Rays ballclub that make us shake our heads. But none more than the inexplicable waste of a roster spot that is Andy Sonnanstine.

Since June 3, a span of 24 days, Sonny has pitched a grand total of three innings including his appearance last night. And during that time, Sonnanstine has made $121,667 or about $2,967 per pitch.

For comparison, James Shields has been paid $1,264 per pitch this season.

At one point it made sense to keep

Sonnanstine around as he served as the ever important “back-up starting pitcher.” But now that he has struggled in that role, and Alex Cobb has proven he belongs in the big leagues…why is Sonnanstine still on the roster?

There is no good answer.

Meanwhile, Cory Wade, whom the Rays had to release from triple-A Durham because they felt there was no room in the big league bullpen, signed with the Yankees and has given them four scoreless innings in the last two weeks with three strikeouts and just one baserunner allowed.

But hey, Sonnanstine is really good at ping pong!



  1. Rytor says:

    Do you really want Alex Cobb sitting on the bench pitching 3 innings a month? Let him keep working in AAA.

    Can Sonny even be sent to the minors anymore? Given how much Friedman values starting pitchers, I don't think he would drop Sonny if he thought he still had some value...and I think he does, specifically to an NL club. He's not a bad starter, he's just not a very good one. Is he Tampa Bay's Tim Wakefield?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Cobb can stay in the minors. But he can serve as the 6th starter from there. It just seems like they could find somebody that can actually help the team. Because right now, Sonny isn't even serving as an inning eater.

    • Drew says:

      according to this Sonny has 2 options remaining. Kind of a moot point though since they don't want cobb in the bullpen...although they did that with DP his first year...makes a lot of sense right

  2. Sledge says:

    it suddenly struck me when reading this piece why Wade wasn't kept around. There was no place on the 40 man roster for Wade. Cobb has clearly turned into the 6th starter so no need for Sonny for that, but they either weren't comfortable by the Wade deadline or still are not comfortable that they won't need the innings eater later in the season. I think this is more a statement about their belief in the ceilings of Matt Bush and the other 40-man pitchers than it is needing Wade this year.

    • Daredevil says:

      It's possible the Rays were considering the 40-man when releasing Wade, but it would have been flawed logic. In designating Sonnanstine or Ramos for assignment, they would have automatically taken off the 40-man, and Wade could have moved right in. The Rays don't need a long man anyway. And Ramos is proving his career awful numbers (limited though they were) with San Diego were not a fluke. All of this was apparent when Wade was let go. And if management was foolish enough to want to keep those 2 stiffs over Wade, then Wade surely should have been viewed as more valuable than 40-man pitchers Dane de la Rosa (mediocre career minor-leaguer), or Bush (who is really struggling in his conversion to pitcher). Wade was OUTSTANDING for the Dodgers in 2008, before batlling injuruies the last 2 years. His dominating numbers in AAA this year had proven he is back to form. And now he is helping the Yankees instead of us. Way to go Friedman.

  3. Don says:

    WHile we are talking about pitchers..HELLlboy needs a break, MR. "Cool" is toast, HE is serving up meatballs the last 3-4 games, Cobb next couple of starts bring back Hellick. after All star break for fresh start, DL list would be ok.

  4. Andy says:

    When they pinch hit Davis at Houston, I was hoping that meant they had secretly let Sonny go, since he'd been their usual 1st hitter option among the pitchers. So sad to learn that's not the case 🙁 Keeping this sorry excuse for a pitcher is meaningless & needs to change!! Friedman is too smart not to know this, so hope he has something in the works!


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