We are fans and we have favorite players and to certain extent, that makes it impossible to be completely objective. That being said, we do try to be as objective as possible.

To test this, we decided it might be fun to take a look at all the GBTs found in each morning’s “Hangover” since opening day and tally up how many times each player (and Joe Maddon) show up in the totals.

A few things to consider, before looking at the table…

  • On a few occasions a player appeared in both The Good and The Bad or appeared on one of the lists twice (e.g. 2 Goods).
  • The GBT is not meant to be exhaustive. Rather, it is an attempt to point out what we think were the biggest moments of each game or the moments that flew under the radar.
  • Occasionally, something will show up in the GBT that is neither a player or coach (e.g. the umpires). These are not listed.
  • On 2-3 mornings there was no GBT.
  • You can find some notes on the table below…

Notes on the table

  • We typically list twice as many Goods as Bads. So maybe we aren’t as negative as some believe.
  • Every single player that has appeared in the GBT, is listed under the Good at least once except for Rob Delaney and Manny Ramirez.
  • Matt Joyce leads the way with 15 Goods. BJ Upton has the most Bads, but is also tied for second on the Goods list.
  • The table is sorted by number of Goods. It looks like the players that have done the most “Good” for the Rays this season make up the top spots on the list.

Overall, we are pleased with how this list turned out and we were actually quite surprised how diverse the list was.



  1. Dugan says:

    My only complaint with the GBT is they are not indepth enough. You say in the lead that you discuss, but yet it is more like you just mention what's G,B and T. Since I can't attend the games, I guess I'm just looking for more insght than I'm getting.

    • Beth says:

      Yeah, but Cork can't attend the games either! I think what you are looking for, Dugan, is called a newspaper article, written by a writer paid to attend and report on each game. And this blog generally links you to some of those reports, too. The purpose of a blog like this is to highlight trends and provide a forum for discussion, not to take the place of actual reporting.

  2. David says:

    Kyle Farnsworth is worth more than 1 Good....

  3. MJ says:

    Only time I would be worried about you having bias is if Dirk Hayhurst gets called up.


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