Fox Sports Florida captured this shot of bullpen coach Bobby Ramos in the bullpen last night…

Our first reaction was that Ramos had found himself a new b*tch. That is Adam Russell dishing out the massage. And if you remember, we saw a similar image last year.

Here is Ramos receiving a similar massage from Rafael Soriano

But wait. Notice where the Rays were playing when last year’s massage took place. In Seattle!

So that is two massages. Both by relievers in their first year in the organization. Both in Seattle. We’ve never seen this occur anyplace else. Have you guys?

Is it the long west coast flight? Is there some activity that Ramos likes to partake in that makes him sore and that he can only do in Seattle?



  1. Joe says:

    See, things like this just show how pathetic we are playing. This is big news right now.

  2. Jim says:

    I loved the interview with Ramos: "You know, he's a bit strong guy with these big strong hands". Also, BA's comment a couple weeks back about Ramos looking like he belongs in Disney's Country Bears is spot on.

    Honestly, this is about the only thing watchable about this team right now. Get Sonny out of the frickin rotation already.


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