Tampa mayor Bob Buckhorn will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at tonight’s game against the Cincinnati Reds. This is not the first time a Tampa Mayor has been called upon, but as the stadium debate has turned ugly in recent months, it could be the most awkward.

Should we look at this as a jab by the Rays at the city of St. Pete? That would be fun. But we doubt it is that sinister. It is a pretty standard move to invite the local mayors. And Buckhorn has only been in office since April.

Of course, Buckhorn didn’t help matters when he commented on the relationship between the Rays and St. Pete, saying he is “not going to be the boyfriend in your divorce,” but later adding that if the two sides split Tampa needs to be involved.

What we would like to see is for Buckhorn to use this as a constructive opportunity to maybe shrink the Bay a tad. But color us skeptical on that one.



  1. TK says:

    Over/under on when ESPN mentions attendance? my call, after first commercial break

    • Andy says:

      Doubly annoying, seeing as how we are on par with the Reds attendance over the last few years.

    • zenny says:

      Way before that, imo.

      (intro music) "You are looking live at half-empty Tropicana Field, where the Tampa Bay Rays, who should abandon this horrible market yesterday, will face off against the Cincinnati Reds!"

  2. Joe says:

    McDonough and Sutcliffe have both taken their subtle jabs so far, before first pitch and in bottom of 2nd.


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