The most exciting play in baseball is the inside-the-park home run. And the Rays most exciting player, Evan Longoria, hit his first on Sunday. Here is the call from the Rays radio voice Dave Wills. Great call…

Evan Longoria Inside-the-Park Home Run

He had the perfect level of detail on the play. He gradually got more excited as the play developed. And he gave you that classic, never-gets-old ending. And it is worth noting that Andy Freed did a great job butting out. That is not meant as an insult. Too many times on exciting plays, the commentator wants to chime in before the play is over and ends up stepping on the call. You don’t hear Freed once, and that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

Great, great, call.



  1. Ro says:

    Andy and Dave bring me the games every day. Being blind, I rely on announcers to "show" me the action through their descriptions. These two do such an incredible job that I really don't feel like I'm missing any of the action even though I can't see.

    I've listened to other radio broadcasts and I'm probably just biased, but they don't compare.

    Andy and Dave don't have to be kitchy like some broadcasters, you know the ones. Thank goodness there are no catch phrases for every Ray.

    Andy and Dave bring a friendship into their broadcast, which adds wonderful humor and entertaining chemistry.

    The fact that the cadence of their voices change when something exciting happens is incredibly important, bringing my focus to the game if something has distracted me. I never miss anything.

    I had to miss Evan's inside the parker on Sunday, Sundays being the only time I miss any game action since it is family time with a non baseball fan. I was sad to have missed my radio guys calling it, so this little audio clip has made my day. Thank you so much for putting this up!!!

  2. MJ says:

    With my MLB app i'm able to listen to many different radio tandems. Andy and Dave are definitely one of the best teams out there, from tone of voice to inflection, details, baseball knowledge, insider info, degree of umpire complaining, cleaver banter w/ each other, etc.

  3. zenny says:

    Dave and Andy are indeed outstanding, imo. Listening to them on the radio is one of the many joys of summer.

    Actually, we're lucky to have some of the best broadcasters in MLB working for the home team, both on radio and TV. Dwayne Staats is a true professional, and Brian Anderson is almost as good as Joe Magrane used to be. And, of course, Todd Kalas is the man.

    Now if we could only find a replacement for Rich Herrera on the pre- and post-game radio shows. Seriously, win or lose, I shut of the radio as soon as Dave and Andy sign off. Between his frequent mistakes, his relentlessly company-man attitude toward callers, and his inexplicable.....

    ...pauses, Herrera is simply unlistenable.

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree with all your points, both the positive and the negative. Herrera is as awful as the others are outstanding. His comments are inane; he handles callers badly; and I don't think I can stand to hear "Pale Hose" or "Halos" one more time. I thought the Rays management responded to fan displeasure in dumping Kevin Kennedy, but they seem to ignore all the criticisms of Herrera. It can't be that hard to find someone less grating!


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