There are a lot of things to kvetch about the Fruitdome. Mainly it’s, well, a dome! But now there is added reason to be furious at the Fruitdome:

The Rays’ bats are punchless in the Tomb on 16th Street.

(Before anyone goes off on a tangent, the Rays have done just about everything short of ripping the roof off to make that place a warm, inviting home for baseball.)

No team since Howard Taft sat in the White House has gone 21 games without scoring more than five runs in a game. That ugly statistic reared its head today when the Rays were blanked 6-0.

Even Merlot Joe took to Twitter shrugging his shoulders at the punchless home offense.

But let’s not start searching for needles in a haystack quite yet. The Rays are built on pitching and defense and simply put, Wade Davis didn’t have it today. Whining about the lack off offense at home is taking your eye off the ball. If Davis could have done his job and hold the Orioles to three runs, it changes Merlot Joe’s mode of attack. Instead of trying to score a bunch of runs late, the Rays only needed to play small ball to get back in the game.

Yeah, a not-so-potent offense at home is reason for concern. It was not, however, why the Rays lost tonight.



  1. Joe says:

    I don't understand why we can't score at the Trop, used to be we were great there and couldn't buy a win on the road, now the AC is on too high or something.

    Wade, you can pull this crap, either throw slow and control it or throw your 96 heat. If you are going to throw 90 with no command then I guess I know why you and Neimann are so close.

    But seriously what was that? He hasn't made one "great" start yet but he's found a way to win almost every start, today was BP for the Orioles and now we gotta count on Sonny to take the series.

    There are guys who don't throw that hard but control all their pitches like Shields and to a more extreme, Hellickson
    There are the rare guys who throw hard and control it like Price
    But when you are doing neither, you get grouped with Neimann and Sonnanstine (who btw, didn't he once have great command?) who knows. Anyway, Davis's stuff is way too good to be in that group, I don't mind him throwing slower but he needs to find his inner Shields/Hellickson and start being in control. His ERA is still so deceiving, I continue to wait to see a dominate outing from him.

  2. Don says:

    Buddy you are LOST; "iF davis could have done his Job and held the Orioles to 3 runs" Wineole JOE changes his "
    "ATTACK"... exactly What ATTACK is that???
    THERE was NO EFFORT given by the offense...NONE..

    Can't wait for the first MGT/Rays players to say I wish more Fans would show up at HOME we would play better!
    Well guess what 30,000 fans watched you play like SH_t
    NOW you would like them to come back ?
    AND Wine ole JOE hit the nail when asked Why? HE said "I don't know".
    NOW "Softball" Sonnantine to look forward too...OH sh_t!


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