Joe was drinking a touch of Andy Sonnanstine Kool-Aid (if there is such a thing) after former big-reliever and self-proclaimed Rays fan Tom Niedenfuer was on local sports radio last week saying fans should expect more from Sonnanstine in his second start.

Niedenfuer babbled about how the least scary American League pitcher had his arm strength sapped from too little work and being so far removed from a start. So this time out likely would be much better.

Well, it was a better start for Sonnanstine (five innings, four runs), but the problem is it’s still horrendous. Trotting him out there to start is like giving away a game. For what? Hopefully, Joe Maddon has exhausted all his loyalty to “Sonny.”

The sad thing is today’s ending may have been better had Sonnanstine come out for the sixth.

At least Matt Joyce went yard on an Orioles lefty. Joe was fired up that the kid got another shot of confidence. And Elliot Johnson hit his first career homer. If Sam Fuld can’t right his ship, how many more games will he get at leadoff? Three? Four?

David Price and Yankees tomorrow. No better time to right the ship at home.




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  1. JMS says:

    Agree Joe, using Sony has become an automatic loss, an has been for the most part since 2009. The guy has a career ERA of 5.17, before today's start. It's time to stop spinning this and address it, Sonny isn't MLB quality and simply is taking up a spot on the roster that he shouldn't be using. I know they have reasons for not wanting to call up a younger arm, but Cobb or Torres should get a shot until Niemann gets back. Can't keep giving away games like this. It wrecked the pen again, and the Yankees are in town, now with 2 days of heavy pen usage. JoeMa gets alot of things right, but this is one of those things he has to let go of, and stop being blinded. His post game sow, he actually claimed Sonny was better today, and getting better...No need to slam Sonny, but be realistic about the situation Joe


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