Yeah, the Rays lost 6-3 in Detroit. And maybe it was just a run-of-the mill Monday night loss in May for a first-place team, but for Joe it was especially brutal.

Bases loaded for Felipe Lopez and Kelly Shoppach with a rookie first-timer on the mound in the fourth inning, and both of them are at the plate swinging for the fences, trying to pull the ball and missing it by a mile. They looked like rookie league hitters up there.

Shoppach then takes a perfect throw to the plate from Matt Joyce and can’t manage to slap a tag on Brennan Boesch, who was at the plate a step after the ball. It was almost like Shoppach was surprised he even caught the throw. Just prepare yourself to catch the damn ball and dive at the runner, or block the plate. It’s bad enough you can’t hit.

Then there’s Elliot Johnson getting caught stealing third base. Nice slide, pal.

How ironic that the Rays set some sort of record last night for consecutive games without multiple errors.

The bullpen was brutal and that was the ballgame. Joe’s starting to wonder whether J.P. Howell is going to regain that nasty comeback fastball that was his a big part of his game in 2009.

It’s just one game, but it felt like an unraveling. Joe’s hoping the Rays late rally carries over to tonight.




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  1. Mark E says:

    I'm a youth ball coach and I just want to thank Kelly Shoppach for providing my catchers with a perfect teaching video on how NOT to make a play at the plate: Out of position; needlessly coming off the line, leaving the base path open, reaching out for the ball instead of letting it come to you; catching with hard hands instead of letting the ball pull your mitt back to the approaching runner; hesitation: giving up on the play (making no effort) before it was over. Nice work Kelly. I make 10% of what you make in a year and if I did my job like you do yours, people would die.

    JoeMad: your lineup CREATED those missed offensive opportunities. Felipe Lopez? Really? Reaaaalllllyyyy? Two of the best hitters in the American League on the bench and the two-pronged attack of Lopez and Shoppach with bases loaded. That's enough to "strike" fear into a rookie pitcher.


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