There may not have been a more lopsided betting line than David Price at home against youngster Kyle Drabek in on a lazy getaway afternoon today.

Yes, Joe cashed in. And so did the Rays, moving just one game back of the evil empire.

David Price mowing down 10 and looking like a Cy Young winner was especially soothing on the heels of Jeff Niemann going down last night. Joe hates to jinx the guy, but Niemann is starting to seem more like a future trivia answer at this point.

Maybe guys his size — aside from the occasional Randy Johnson freak — just aren’t cut out for healthypitching careers.

Price was masterful, and the Rays cashing in on walks and mistake pitches was sweet. There was almost that eerie sense in the air that Johnny Damon was going to deliver that critical RBI single.

Bossman’s eighth-inning catch in center really has no description. If the spreadsheet guys came up with a stat for “makes it look easy,” Upton would be a Hall of Famer.

Joe’s raising a beer to some much needed payback to the Orioles tomorrow. That opening-weekend embarrassment must be addressed.





  1. pete says:

    Its time for Niemann's transition to the bullpen i think. As we all know , he has a history of arm and random injury total. it's time to see how he is as a max effort 1 inning guy.

  2. Jason says:

    Sonny is pitching well, put him at #5... and bring up a position player to take his spot on roster


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