If there’s some sort of goofy top-20 list of Rays greatest victories, Monday’s dramatic comeback urination on the Yankees has to get strong consideration.

Talk about a game that looked lost, with David Price getting abused and the Rays down 5-1 off a weekend of very quiet hitting. Just Curtis Granderson’s long at bat culminating in a three-run homer alone was enough to have anyone think it wasn’t the Rays’ night.

But there were The Legend of Sam Fuld and Bossman answering with two-run bombs in the sixth in between a clutch Matt Joyce RBI single, and the feared around the league three-headed monster — Cruz-Peralta-Farnsworth — held the Yanks to one hit the rest of the way. One hit!

Joe was sitting in earshot of a Yankees fan yelling, “There’s no way the Rays win this game or a pennant with this bullpen. Kyle Farnsworth is freakin’ joke.”

Keep telling yourself that, pal.

Maybe it’s asinine to think the second and final game of the series tonight is huge. Yeah, it’s May and the Rays are in first place. But Joe”s going to go there. It’s a big one, considering how strong the AL East is from top to bottom and how much James Shields needs to keep his confidence train steamrolling.




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  1. Joe says:

    Price usually wins it for us and the bats don't have to do much. It's so awesome to see them return the favor when he just doesn't have it.

    Well, he had it his good stuff but the Yankees, especially Granderson love fast balls.


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