Is it too early to call the 2011 Rays season magical? Sure, but it’s still fun.

Matt Joyce once again got the job done, drilling a long ball and driving in a pair as part of the Rays six-run outcome. An equally important play by Joyce in eighth helped save the game as well.

With the Rays seemingly clinging to a two-run lead, Edwin Encarnación lifted a fly ball to shallow right that Joyce raced in and to his left and just got their in time, easily taking away a double, perhaps a triple.

It’s getting to the point that there is serious consideration in Joe’s bar living room that Joyce is the MVP of the Rays through the first quarter of the season. Who else would be the MVP? Maybe Big Game Shields, that’s a top candidate.

The way Joyce is playing, at least for an everyday player, no one has been move valuable to the team this season than Matt Joyce.

Thank you Tampa Chamber of Commerce.



  1. Andy says:

    Joyce would get my vote, too. Isn't this a contract year for him? How long do the Rays wait before locking him up in one of their patented team-friendly multi-year deals?

  2. Joe D. says:

    I say Rays MVP for sure so far, and when you look at AL MVP candidates, I've got to imagine (without looking at AL Leaderboards) a guy batting .360+, 7HR OPS over 1.000, has got too be on the League MVP shortlist, surely behind Bautista, right?

  3. Michael says:

    I remember hearing on the radio that Joyce was set at #3 by the chamber, and then rolling my eyes.

    Well, well, well.

  4. Joe says:

    Team MVP would be Joyce, I agree. Are we not facing many lefties? He seems to play everyday. Shields is a close 2nd but I think a dark horse should be Farnsworth, he just comes in, shuts the door and in games like this helps my heart rate!

    AL MVP would be Jose Bautista right now, I mean that guy made Evan Longoria look like a little leaguer at 3B tonight, insane. Then it has to be Joyce. Pitchers shouldn't win and guys like Granderson may have a lot of homers but is hitting like .260

  5. Drew says:

    I remember the first time I used 'their' instead of 'there'


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