An ugly seventh inning — basically one pitch — did in Wade Davis tonight.

No, Joe cannot pin this loss on Davis, even though he did get the loss. Davis pitched admirable only allowing seven hits. No, this loss is on the offense, which seemed like a Derek Shelton special from the first week of the season.

Yeah, Ricky Romero is a solid pitcher, but four friggin’ hits, that’s all?

Look, Davis did his job. Any time your starter holds the opponent to three runs, then the rest is on the shoulders of the bats.

Now not getting a hit against Romero is not something to lose sleep over but it’s just about time Briggy be sent back to Durham to work out whatever needs to be worked out with his stick. He is simply overmatched at the plate. Two whiffs against Romero, both times with men on base.

Gotta give Merlot Joe the credit for pinch-hitting for Briggy late in the game.

The excuses for Briggy have run out. He has one lousy extra-base hit and just nine runs scored through a fourth of the season. This from a starting everyday player? Unacceptable.

Look, Joe likes Briggy. Nice guy. Great guy. That doesn’t matter, production does and it’s not coming from Briggy’s bat in any way. Joe could overlook this if Briggy was a magician at short. He’s good, yes, but hardly an elite, once-in-a-generation shortstop with the glove.

Lastly, if the Rays were playing at just about any other place than the RogersCentre, Matt Joyce (team MVP?) and Bossman likely have back-to-back homers in the ninth.



  1. Michael says:

    Dome game.

    Watch them go to Florida and crush.

    Although doesn't Sunlife have a pretty big outfield and high walls? Maybe not. But it's hard to ignore how bad our offense is indoors and how great it is outside.

  2. Don says:

    "Gotta give credit to Maddon for Pinch hitting for Brig."
    Your kidding....the ONLY credit I give Maddon is for PLAYING Brig in the first Place...Take off those Glasses MAddon you can't see when a player doesn't belong!


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